Sonic can't catch a break (SFM)

sonic sfm animation

Source Filmmaker allows animators to breathe life into the video game characters they grew up with and Sonic the hedgehog and his friends are thankfully not exempt from this specular. In this SFM short Sonic can't catch a break when his peace is interrupted by a number of familiar faces from the blue hedgehog's past including his self acclaimed love interest Amy Rose and arch nemesis Doctor Eggman just to name a few. Taking much inspiration from the early 00s Sonic era aka Sonic Adventure/Advance series, leads our blue friend down a path of uncertainly and mishap that could have been avoided if he had simply just stayed at home.

The settings and voices should be very familiar to Sonic fans who grew up with Sega's mascot down the line, Green hill zone especially, the first level which first appeared in 1991's Sonic the Hedgehog but Has since been reincarnated in a number of other Sonic games including SA2 and most recently Sonic Generations, accompanied by Ryan Drummond and the original voice cast from the Sonic Adventure series.


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