Teenage Clementine Returns In The Walking Dead Season 3

Clementine in The Walking Dead Season 3

Clementine from Season 2 will make her return to the TellTale Games TWD video game series and puberty hit her like a truck. That's right, season three introduces players to a teenage Clementine. In Season 1 and 2 Clementine was an little innocent girl but her hormones have finally kicked in.

The decision to have Clementine grow up breathes fresh life into the lore and opens up a world of new possibilities. Although small Clementine will be dearly missed since we've gotten used to the little munch-kin, teenage Clementine is welcomed with open arms.

Many fans of the series have been asking to see a mature Clementine since 2014 with some people even predicting that she would return, and it looks like their wish was finally granted in Season 3, Clementine just got older and more badass.

The evolution of Clementine TellTale Games

Judging by Clemetine's age, there's been a time skip meaning that this game will take place several years after the events of Season 2. She was around 11 years old in Season 2 and looks to be a pre-teen in Season 3. 

Clementine is not alone as the teen is joined by a new protagonist in the franchise called Javier. Telltale's Job Stauffer confirmed that both characters will be playable and Javier is crucial to the story. She also appears to have been involved in a freak accident as her ring finger is missing and concealed with bandage aid.

Decisions players made in Season 2, specially the conclusion, will follow through and have some impact on Clementine’s persona, character and choices for Season 3. The game will premier this fall.

Update 26/12/2016

A New Frontier

After having played the first two episodes of Telltale's Walking Dead A New Frontier we now have a better look at teenage Clementine and her role in the third season and quite frankly we don't know how to feel.

No longer does this feel like Clementine's story, which is a shame after coming from Season 2, a game which clementine was the main character, a game which players were given the chance to shape her character to their own personal preference with various choices.

A New Frontier makes it clear from the start that the little girl we raised and helped lead through the apocalypse wasteland for no longer that, "a little girl". Rather she is now her own character and all the choices players made in the previous seasons seldom to pass on outside of Clementine's playable flashbacks, that's how it feels at least.

Teenage Clementine and Aj

Instead of directly guiding Clementine through the game like previous seasons, it feels like Clementine has just been shoehorned into someone else's story just so her fans can catch interest. Don't get us wrong, A New Frontier is a lovely game but fans expecting to see the game through Clementine's eyes will most likely be in for a big surprise.

Now before we jump the gun, only two episodes are out thus far so it's still early to make a final call, but if the rest of the episodes are anything like the first two then it's a clear sign that Clementine is no longer the main focus and is being pushed aside in favour of a new protagonist in Javier, a pretty decent character might we add, but no Lee Everett.

Clementine has been regulated to sidekick status, something that could have been avoided by giving the new character his own mini series like they did Michonne and allowing Clementine to be the fully playable main character in Season 3.

As previously stated all the choices we made in previous games doesn't seem to have fully taken affect in the new season, Clementine doesn't feel like the girl I raised in Season one or two. Rather a new character who Telltale wants the player to go against, a villain scorned.

Teen Clementine

Almost every decision we make in the game has us feel like we have to go against Clementine to "do the right thing" for Javier and his family. This gives the feeling that game is in essence anti-Clem for what it's worth. Without getting into any spoilers, we feel like Telltale wants us to hold a grudge against Clementine.

The questionable decisions teen Clementine makes is a far cry from the choices my Clem made in the previous games. Without going into much details, we ask who is this imposer and what have has she done with the real Clementine?

Okay maybe that's a little harsh as it's interesting to see a fierce and strong teen Clementine adjust to the cruel wasteland but at the same time, this means that in turn this sacrifices most of the player's original choices. So was the decisions we made for little Clementine all for nothing?

Telltale states that Clementine's personality should be different depending on the choices you make in the first two games, but it feels like she ends up being hardened and untrustworthy in the beginning (which is understandable), even though that's not was I had been shaping her personality be like in the previous games.

Javier and Clementine

On a positive note we must say that The Walking Dead A New Frontier is a nice game, only made great with the introduction of Clementine and her playable sequences. The moment we get to control Clementine is when we feel like this is finally Clementine's story, even if for a only brief moment.

Not knocking Javier and his arc, but so far the flashbacks of Clementine have been some of the strongest parts of the first two episodes and saves A new frontier in one aspect. On the other hand the new characters and areas are equally as strong and bring a great sense of apocalypse, however without Clementine's existence it just wouldn't feel the same.

We still have three episodes left and who knows what's in store for Clementine in the forthcoming episodes so without passing too much judgement we shall update this article and our personal thoughts after completing the future episodes.


  1. I badly want to play this game but I haven't played the The walking dead season 1 nor 2, should I before this releases?

    1. Thank you everyone, I'm going to start with Season 1 and move on to Season 2 afterwards.

    2. Prepare for a buttload of-- oh just play it and you will see.

    3. Prepare for a buttload of-- oh just play it and you will see.

    4. Well prepared for a lot,, oh Hever mind just play it and you will find out

    5. ofcourse u should play season 1 & 2 first. So much drama, i love you clementine.

  2. Wow Clementine got older but more bad ass.

  3. Wish there was a way to upload our saves from the first two games on old platforms so I could access them on PS4 :/

  4. Season 2 ending, was such a good conclusion to Clementine's story but I'm excited to see her back.

  5. I absolutely love Clementine, so I'm glad to see that so far there's a trilogy that tells her story.

  6. I hope it's better than Season 2 and the game releases free of bugs

    1. Isn't that rare for Telltale?

    2. Gotta have more faith in Telltale games than that.

  7. Whoever the fuck hurt my little girl better die a brutal and agonizing death.
    On the other hand, ignoring the missing finger, Clementine looks great.

  8. Probably the most attached I've been to a character in a very long time. GIVE ME MORE CLEMENTINE! An empowered black female protagonist? Telltale Games doing the Lord's work.

  9. I can't wait to see what Clementine has been up to since S2. This is definitely one of my most anticipated games of the year. Autumn can't come quickly enough!

  10. I seen in an interview Job Stauffer made the statement "All your past choices in season 1 and season 2 will matter in Season 3. Your choices will change Clementines, looks, her personality, how many fingers she has..." implying the missing finger is determinant! So psyched for this game!

  11. I seen in an interview Job Stauffer made the statement "All your past choices in season 1 and season 2 will matter in Season 3. Your choices will change Clementines, looks, her personality, how many fingers she has..." implying the missing finger is determinant! So psyched for this game!

  12. Wait, how can Clementine be involved at all in season 3? Not that I don't love her, but given the way the ending of season 2 diverged, she officially has like a gazillion different versions of her backstory now.




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