Tekken 7's Character Customization is Disappointing

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It's no secret that Bandai Namco Entertainment has revolutionised the fighting game scene by introducing a robust and unique character customization mode, allowing players to find their own identity online while surpassing the competition who rely on simple colour palettes.

Tekken's character customisation mode made it's debut in Tekken 5 and has returned for all future instalments, although with each new iteration content has decreased and been limited in scope. The series spin-offs Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken Revolution are prime examples.

Nothing comes close to the diverse character customization of Tekken 6 which allowed players to change individual body groups i.e body, hands, legs and feet on specific attires to create the ultimate outfit. Tekken 6 was obviously ahead of it's time and allowed gamers to truly experiment with an abundant of clothes and hairstyles to their heart's content.

Unfortunately the same can't be said for Tekken 7, which is more akin to Tekken Tag Tournament 2. By now you'd expect Bandai Namco to rightfully upgrade character customization mode but regrettably it feels like an afterthought.

Outside of Soul Calibur and Virtual Fighter 5 Final Showdown, Tekken set the bar for customising characters in fighting games, hence the reason it's extremely disappointing that the series has taken a step backwards rather than advancing forward at full steam.

tekken 7 character customization

While customization isn't as limited and generic as TTT2, it's still not as accessible as Tekken 6 a game released in 2009. Now before you write it off completely, Tekken 7's customization isn't bad but the potential is wasted on various tacky, generic items that look either really dull or just plain silly in contrast to the game's dark theme.

Currently there's at least ten different shared hairstyles to choose from which can be customized with colourful hair accessories. Though the diversity in hair texture, style and width is dissatisfactory.

Outside of costumes, hair is one of the most important features on a character and Namco has dropped the ball. Dare we say the generic hairdos are currently one of the worse things about character customization.

If you want custom afro textured hair for a character like Master Raven or Eddy Gordo there just aren't any options. The afro wig and short fade haircuts are absence. This is much unlike Tekken 6 which had diverse hairstyles for each individual character.

Another gripe is the generic t-shirts which are shared universally among characters. Now nothing's wrong with these clothes per say, but the problem is the lack of multifariousness and individuality. Had there been more upper body variety then this wouldn't be an problem, but t-shirts take up more than half the available slots.

tekken 7 tan skin

For a game that's being delayed several times we expected much more content and variety in regards to character customisation. No one was asking for MMORPG's level of depth, but Tekken 6's approach with more unique clothing and hairstyles would have been satisfying enough.

Still Tekken 7's character customization isn't completely at loss. In fact there's several nice touches to the mode which we applaud Bandai Namco for adding. One of those being the tan option which allows you to darken your character's skin tone if you're not happy with their current complexion. A surprising yet fun feature.

Outside of t-shirts, the upper and lower body outfits have some pretty cool styles and give players a chance to really match and mix with simple yet decent casual wear. Want to go for a summer look then opt for the luscious bikini tops or if you need streetwear then there's always the shiny puffer and short bomber jacket.

One thing Tekken 7 does better than Tekken 6 is an option to change the colour of your clothes without having to pay an additional hefty fee. Not to mention the price for general veteran items feel way more affordable this time round and less of a grind fest.

tekken 7 master raven bikini

For entire body there's full kitted outfits available and while they aren't the most exciting get ups, this leaves promise for more selection in the foreseeable future. In fact we're certain that's the main reason why the character customization is so bare bones at launch, you guessed it.. Dlc.

Dlc is the main reason we believe a portion of items and outfits are missing. Namco and Harada are saving extra items to flesh out the incoming dlc packs. Hench the reason Tekken 6 has more items on launch then Tekken 7.

This is good as in it'll keep the game fresh for years to come if Bandai Namco play their cards right, but bad in the fact that they deliberately butchered and limited character customisation simply to charge players for DLC.

If you're not happy with the current outfits, hairstyles or Treasure Battle unlockables, it's best to sit tight and wait until more content is added. Until then you'll have to either stick to default outfits or make the best with what's already available.

Bandai Namco Bandai has confirmed that they're dropping more than 50 new outfits which will be included in the first wave of post launch DLC this summer. Those who purchased the season pass will also be gifted 35 exclusive 
metallic costumes.


  1. The character customization sucks, point blank.

  2. Lucky Chloe, Katarina, Lili and Josie get barefoot options for their costmes, but Asuka doesn't? That doesn't make sense.

  3. I still remember the time Harada said he wouldn't ever implement dlc into the tekken series and here we are in 2017 with paid dlc.

  4. I hope the DLC customization will bring new stuff to the table. Not Tekken Tag Tournament 2 recycled crap. Very disappointed so far.

  5. Dang, looks like Tekken 6 is still top dog when it comes to character customization.

  6. Needs more unique items for each character. Tekken 6 did it right besides the colour system. I'm sick of always seeing these ridiculous items and ugly generic clothing from TTT2.

  7. Still no shoes or barefeet options. Jeez.

  8. Honestly the sheer amount of silly customizations is really turning me off to this feature as a whole, I know it's nothing new for Tekken but it should really be more like Injustice 2.

  9. You can't separate the handwear or footwear but you can have a pumpkin on Akuma's head..

  10. Thank you creating this article, it appears almost every other video game media outlet is hyping up character cuStomiztion despite it not being as good as Tekken 6. Even Sega didn't hold back content via dlc with VF5 like Harada and namco are currently doing.

  11. I see most of the character customisation is locked behind upcoming dlc. Some hacker got this information from the pc version of Tekken 7.

    I'm on PS4 but damn can't believe they are making this game a cashcow like all the other fighting games i.e Street fighter, Dead or alive 5 and even King of fighters 14.

  12. I instantly knew that I was gonna this was gonna happen the instant I saw the same bang options for all the characters. Granted. Some options are VERY welcome; looking at you free color options, Technicolor hair, beards, and unique scars for more characters.But when you remove my multiple part custom options from T6, in TT2? I wasn't mad, just irritated. But than you remove half the variety and my favorite head option... THE POWER RANGER HELMETS FROM TT2. I'm pissed as fuck, I get making money. I don't want fucking 3 levels of dear head as an option, or a fucking heihachi balloon head.I don't mind paying for extra shit. I wouldn't have minded the helmet removal for dlc. But no variety at all? Like yeah, there's like 2 to 3 sets of character specific gear. But than that's it. I fought 3 dudes with the same get up as I did for Lars. A mirror match while looking the same as a fast moving dude on the brimstone stage is horrible for the eyes. I hope harada hears our anger anger and gives us some free shit in updates at least. Cause I feel really bad for the kids with parents that don't have online or money to blow on digital content.

  13. Thank-you for sharing this. I've written reviews in a similar vein after reading reviews from prominent sites stating that "its customization is vast and unparalleled". Absolute nonsense. I thought that I was missing something. Hopefully they release a patch that adds more down the line. I wouldn't even mind if they just dumped the exact same content from previous titles. There is so much that is absent and nothing nearly as unique as previous instalments.

  14. Absolutely abysmal customisation, a metric ton of ridiculous head ornaments yet a handful of piss poor hairstyles, again a gazillion barely different variations of sunglasses but absolutely zero eyepatches or blindfolds etc. The only handful of decent things are tied to characters so you can't even flex your creative muscle.

  15. I customized 4 characters already but when I play a match it's still the default custom. I'm having trouble? Is it gliched or something?

    1. When you go to select your character, make sure you hit square (for PS4) so you can select your costume.

  16. As a huge fan of Tekken 6, I came into T7 expecting an amazing character customization that would at least be equal to that of T6. Absolutely none of it was what I was hoping / expected. Not only are all of the costumes for most of the females recycled crap, but there isn't ANY variety to any of their outfits. It makes me sad. If they would release everything they used in T6, I would gladly buy it. However, I'm still ticked I have to pay for a GOOD feature.

  17. Such a disappointment for such a great serious. it would be nice if Harada added greater customization as part of free doc. Any down for messaging Bandai Namco for better fan service and implementing what we all looked forward to?

  18. I see most of the character customisation is locked behind upcoming dlc. Some hacker got this information from the pc version of Tekken 7. . . . .
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