Rest in Peace THQ

Let's have a minute of virtual silence for the once respectable and renowned video game publisher and developer known to the world as THQ. December 19th of 2012 was the day the company declared bankruptcy and fell six feet under into their grave.

Upon hearing the news, mixed reactions were sent through the video game community but in truth this is certainly a sad day for the video game industry on a whole, especially long time fans. THQ was ripped apart limb from limb after having to auction off their home grown franchises to various game companies, resulting in a once powerful establishment reduced to nothing.

THQ was home to many successful franchises like the WWE series, Saint Rows and other popular titles. They also worked on some underrated playstation classics such as Red Faction and Summoner, but unfortunately  THQ dug their own grave and was buried alive.

The company may be dead but they certainly will be remembered for their contribution to the video game industry, amongst the good the bad and the ugly. Good bye THQ and thanks for the memories.

R.I.P. 1989-2013


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOO they were BAWS during ps2 era

  2. Sasukelegend29/04/2013, 08:05

    The reason good companies like THQ are dying is due to people getting the same repeative crap that other companies put out, instead of fun, more creative games. Saints row is insanely fun, Darksiders had a great plot, red faction was one of the games with the BEST destruction of your environment. THQ was fantastic. But people keep buying games like Call of Duty, Halo, and stuff like that. Brand loyalty is a real bitch to the art of game development.

  3. My favorite THQ memories.... WWF Smackdown and WWF Smackdown 2:KYR

  4. man we all know that the new 'THQ' games are going to be ruined now, such a sad sad era even though we knew it was looming upon us. RIP THQ you made some great games that satisfied us all




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