WWE 2K14: A new Era, top 10 needed improvements

The new instalment of wwe's franchise game is coming around the corner again for the fall of 2013 and even though THQ's last attempt at wwe'13 was good, it wasn't exactly ground breaking. Now with 2K games at the helm there should be some noticeable changes. Here's 10 new ways to make wwe'14 the best wrestling ever made.

1) Better commentary

The commentary in wwe games have always felt generic and dull, leading to unmotivated and lackluster in-game moments, but with a little flip of the script, fluid commentary and more depth this could be a thing of the past. An overall tweak of the commentary script could really take the series to new heights . Using other commentators apart from Cole and King would also be a step in the right direction.

2) Ability to fight in the crowd

It's happened in wwe, so why not the games? This would be a fun feature to add, and should be
 implemented asap. Crowds could hold interactive objects, including weapons and crowd signs.

 Realistic selling and bumps

Selling and bumps are an important part of the wwe world, just ask Mr show-off Dolph Ziggler and Yukes needs to take a lesson from this man's books. Someone standing up after having been hit with steel steps and two choke slams, isn't exactly realistic. Adding better selling animation will boost wwe 14's success.

4) Fix the online

The online servers have always been a mess and last year saw little change to the servers. Lag, glitches and freezes are just a few of the problems facing  online play.

5) Up to date Roster/Current Roster

Updating the roster would be a problem due to the how fickle wwe is in regards to roster management but if this game is to break boundaries it's going to need an up to date roster. Monthly DLC updates would be well in it's favour.

 More cutscenes

More cutscenes is definitely a must considering segments and promos are at the heart of wwe.

 Improved PhysicsAlthough this ties in with number 3, selling and bumps ain't the only visible problem. Moves, entrances and overall movement needs to be revamped and worked on.

9) Better Create-a-mode

WWE's create a mode is amazing but long time fans will yawn at the sight of it. That's right, CAW needs new hairstyles, realistic looking accessories and much, much more. At one time the CAW was a wow factor but today's create-a-mode is stale.

 Larger than life Story Mode

One of the most important parts to any game, the story modes in previous wwe games haven't been the best but this can change with an in depth and fluid story. A story that makes you feel like you're a wrestler, maybe that's pushing it, but it's not impossible.


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