3D Mario coming to the Wii U in October?

Looks like the Italian plumber is coming back from his vacation and making a long overdue return to the new Wii u system in october, as CVG has gathered. The president of Nintendo Satoru Iwata announced the game back in January during a Nintendo convention.

 Nintendo are looking to recover from their recent struggle with some eagerly awaited first party releases including Pikmin 3, Wind waker HD and Wonderful 101 all in this year. Also in development are strong favourites like Mario Kart, Smash bros and Yoshi games.

This hasn't exactly being Wii U's golden year considering the popular brand only managed to shift 400,000 units in 2013 alone, but with a weak launch and few first party titles, Nintendo can't blame anyone but themselves. Nintendo fans should definitely be happy with the upcoming games nonetheless.


  1. Nintendo is making yet another mario game?

    In other news the sky is still blue, grass is green, and captain obvious is coming out of retirement!

  2. I'm so excited for the next Mario game! I really wanna see what they do, and I'm really hoping that it's not Galaxy 3. Here's hoping for a Mario 64-type game with Open worlds and over 5 stars for each of them!

  3. They are probably working on it since the first Mario Galaxy.

  4. Mario 64 2. Make it happen.

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