Brand-new screenshots of Final Fantasy X-2′s HD upgrade

Square Enix's recent show and tell of Final Fantasy's X-2 is nothing short of amazing as new screenshots are released to the public showing off some juicy and enhanced HD screenshots. And quite frankly the girls have never looked better!

The second part of the story which will be included in the HD remastered Final Fantasy X collection will consist of some girly fun, rapid action and lots of flashy outfits. Check out some of the best screenshots below. Oh and Loving the look girls, keep it up!



  1. I like the monster upgraded texture as well as the paine pic, paine's looking great!!

  2. Nice new screens! I'm looking forward to seeing how the of X-2 cast looks. I guess they are still working on them since we haven't seen anything of them yet.

  3. EternalMournin09/05/2013, 17:09

    Yuna looks great and Paine's facial features look soooooooo much better now

  4. MachinaPrince09/05/2013, 17:32

    dat Paine

    Can't wait to see Gippal

  5. Wow, what a huge difference.

    Can't wait for this game to hurry up and come out.

  6. Spashdashing09/05/2013, 17:46

    My wife(Paine) looks even more glorious in HD. *_*




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