Gran Turismo 6 New Teaser Trailer

Virtual drivers put the key in the ignition, rev your engines and strap up as the new Gran Turismo 6 trailer hits the net. Playstation give fans a taste of what to expect in their exclusive first party racer. First impressions? Well the cars are looking gorgeous as ever and is said to have over a whooping 1300 cars at your disposal but surprisingly Grand Turismo 6 will not be coming over to the playstation 4. So it seems like they're sending the PS3 out with a bang. Anyway check out PlayStation's announcement trailer below.


  1. last of us, beyond two souls and now gt6 cant wait

  2. I'll try GT(6) for the first time, lets see how it goes. 

  3. Nice but please no more DELAYS!!

  4. gamefreak440016/05/2013, 01:58

    I hope theres more nature tracks, there were too many circuit ones in gt5 and i hope the level of detail is much better




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