Jacky Bryant and Ein joins Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Tournament!

More characters are on the way in the Dead or Alive five's Ultimate edition as Virtua Fighter Veteran Jacky  Bryant and Dead or Alive's Ein join the fray. This comes after the recent reveal of Ninja Gaiden's Momoji inclusion in the Team Ninja's current beat-em-up. Famistu recently confirmed all of this. Looks like things are finally about to heat up for the current combatants eh?


  1. Ein is my DOA main and Jacky is my VF main going back to VF2....I guess I'm buying this now

  2. The_Redbaron22/05/2013, 09:01

    Right on. I have no intention of playing as either but cool never the less.

  3. Nice picks. Hopefully Team Ninja will add some better costumes too.

  4. Just do DoA vs VF already! I need my Vanessa and Lei Fang team already!




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