New Streets Of Rage was pitched to Sega

Remember the popular streets of rage series on the Sega Megadrive? Well Crime fighters Axel and co were set to make a triumph return to the new generation in a brand new Streets Of Rage sequel that was pitched to SEGA quiet sometime ago by Backbone Entertainment, the company behind Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection.

Some concept art for Axel Stone, Adam Hunter and Blaze Fielding were posted on the former Backbone Entertainment employee's blog. Revealing some rather interesting character designs. 

The blog also included concept art for the 1989 sega classic Cyber Police ESWAT. It appears both pitched ideas were rejected.


  1. Why does Sega always do this to do this to classic IPs? Aren´t the sales on these ports good enough to prove everybody is waiting for a sequel?

  2. I reaaaally wanted a new Streets of Rage :C

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