New Super Luigi U Nabbit over Waluigi?!

It seems to be the ongoing trend for Nintendo: Do exactly what the fan would not want to you to do and they're gone and done it again. Super Luigi U fortunately adds the local 4 player Multiplayer element and what better way to finally throw a poplar Mario disowned spin-off character in the mix right?! Well that's not exactly the case. Instead of giving Waluigi and Daisy a chance to shine they place a Nabbit and two Toads in those desired spots yet again.

This is unfortunate for many fans and doesn't exactly go down well with Waluigi's fanbase. If this is meant to be the year of Luigi why not do it properly? Luigi's meant to be having a grand adventure but all it seems to be is yet another clone moment featuring the taller Mario bro. Another example? Luigi's going to save Princess Toadstool, why not Princess Daisy?  All these questions float in the air and quite frankly it doesn't add up. It just seems to be down to laziness in regards to proper character development and roster status on Nintendo's part.

Will Waluigi be forever be disowned by Nintendo and never implemented into the main Mario franchise. Who knows but this certainly was the right time to finally show off the cooler Wario bro's moves and quite frankly it's been blown straight out the water.

A solution? Well if they made Waluigi and Daisy DLC that might sell like hotcakes but that's 99% unlikely. Super Luigi U is out digitally on June 20th and in retail stores July 26th for Europe and August 28th North America.


  1. RedYoshiReturns31/05/2013, 05:53

    Agreed, I would be totally okay with a game where you play as Waluigi and Daisy. But Nintendo can't allow the main Mario series to ever advance so that's not gonna happen.

  2. This was just laziness. They didn't want to program a new character into the game.

  3. Zananasniper31/05/2013, 06:21

    Waluigi would have been awesome in Nabbit's place and he is purple.

  4. Waluigi would actually fit in more and is more popular than silly Nabbit who really was only interested in robbing Toad houses... I don't get it.

  5. Why does Nabbit, who is not very well known and has no real motive to help Luigi get to be playable over a more developed and well known Mario character?

  6. I get why people are upset because they have been waiting years for their favorite spin-off character to be given a chance and then Nabbit literally jumps the line and gets a playable role in major release.

  7. waluigi should have his own game!!!

  8. p.s with KING BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)




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