Pokemon X and Y - Gameplay Trailer

The Pokemon X and Y gameplay trailer takes a look at new pokemon, a close up view of the two main protagonists and new location Lumiose City. So first impressions?

Well from what was shown, the character models are looking pretty snazzy and blend right in amongst the massive yet cleaning looking city of Lumiose. These kids have good fashion sense and rightfully so. From the girl's lush looking hair to the boy's blue jumper, they've got it going on.

The new city introduced is breathtaking and looks attractive. The shops, car and nature really give this city a fresh feel. And the new Pokemon are interesting to say the least. Check out the trailer below for yourself.


  1. burningdesire14/05/2013, 21:23

    Awesome, I want it now

  2. Looks cool, I don't have a 3DS so I'm unlikely to get it unless they drop in price.

  3. man i hope this game rekindles my love for the series. Black 2 felt very meh after black's amazingness. if so goodbye social life...

  4. Maaaaan, getting a massive nerd boner for this game. I cannot get enough pokemon. Still need to find a used 3DS for this and fire emblem.

  5. Can't wait to throw this game into my new 3DS XL.




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