Sonic Lost World: Dr. Eggman on vacation?!

Dr Ivo Robotnik looks to be waving the white flag this time round or is he? The scientist has haunted Sonic and friends since 1991 but will the evil mastermind finally admit defeat and give this one a miss...

Since arriving on the scene the madman has endured nothing but failure when facing off against his longtime nemesis Sonic and with Nintendo's exclusive Lost World, there isn't a deranged genius in sight. Could this  finally mean the revival of other forgotten enemies? Or maybe this means a batch of new enemies are coming Sonic's way.

Then again SEGA could pull a Megaman on it's fanbase and by the end of the game, the true villain to the series could arise from the shadows.This isn't the first time Eggman has been absent, in 2009's exclusive Wii title Sonic and the Black Knight, he was nowhere to be seen.

The six new enemies introduced in the debut trailer look like they're on payroll from someone, that's for certain. Maybe they're being tricked by the wicked scientist to do his evil bidding. And more clues lead to the mysterious badniks who make a return and who makes badniks? Right...

Either way this should be a refreshing change from the usual bouts with eggman if he doesn't happen to make a return in Sonic's new adventure.



  1. Probably won't buy the game. He's the single best thing in the franchise.

  2. Maybe he's still stuck at that timeless place at the end of Sonic Generations.

  3. OmegaMetroid28/05/2013, 23:37

    I'm betting Dr. Robotnik will show up later on, even if this Deadly 6 may actually be the main villains, at least at first.

  4. Just wait. He'll show up somehow




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