Top 10 Final Fantasy Towns

Take out a map and bring some travel money as we countdown the top 10 most memorable and heartfelt Final Fantasy towns in the entire series. Let's take a trip and explore the crime ridden streets of Treno all the  way to the futuristic halls of Balamb Garden, it's all here, well ten of them that is in this remastered top 10 list.


  1. My favourite is either Lefein or Mysidia. Both of them actually seemed like different lands, rather than just 'other towns'.

  2. I think mine is Lindblum? I don't really know why... It's just so cosy and big...

  3. Midgar's amazing, nice choices.

  4. i liked black mage village, junon, Deling city, balamb garden, and Lindblum, cheep inn ;D

  5. Narshe and Midgar are my favourites. Don't know why, really. Maybe atmosphere.




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