Xbox One second-hand games fee to play, The real reason EA dropped online pass?!

Microsoft has made it clear that second hand games will only be of any use if the user plays a mandatory fee, most likely the full price of the original game. Yeah that's right, you didn't read it wrong. Microsoft confirmed this with

MS looks to fill it's pockets to the brim and in the process second hand consumers, a host of stores and sharers will suffer the consequences. Each game will indeed be binded to a single account. With this revelation on the docks, no wonder EA dropped the online passes, it's all makes sense now, right?


  1. Adios Microsoft, hello sony

  2. imjustahuman21/05/2013, 20:51

    A fee, what, like £49.99?

  3. Zananasniper21/05/2013, 20:52

    Oh dear Microsoft. If Sony don't have this then Sony has already won the next-gen war.

  4. So I couldn't even lend a friend a game without them having to pay a fee!? That's bullshit.




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