Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z - The Ultimate Brawl Trailer

Goku and friends are back again to save the universe once more in this new epic Namco Bandai reveal. The new DBZ title comes with more playability including a robust multiplayer mode which allows you to team  up with other  fighters around the world or enter online fierce VS battles with up to eight players max. Hopefully Namco Bandai's new attempt at the popular anime series will live up to it's name this time round.

Minor problems? Well from the featured trailer, fans may notice the graphics aren't looking too snazzy and the english dub would be more than welcomed at this point but these problems should be fixed by the finalized release date right? Apart from these two minor flaws, the game's shaping up to be another DBZ fest. No release date is confirmed yet but Battle of Z will be making it's way to Playstation and Xbox players very soon. Check out the trailer below.


  1. I hope they have the balls to create new characters.

  2. Haven't played a DBZ game since Budokai. Hope this one's good.

  3. Super DBZ was a joke. If I want a serious fighter than Ill play Tekken. All I want in a DBZ game is DBZ like game play thats faithful to the source material and an epicly HUGE roster for fan service.

  4. EternalMournin21/06/2013, 12:34

    Hmmmm I'm not so sure about this trailer.

    I hope they won't do that BS where it stops at the Cell saga so we don't get all the characters from the Buu arc. The trailer didn't show any like Buu or SSJ3.

    And I bet they fucking took out that sweet enviroment and planet destruction they added in the last new game.

    With DBZ games it's allways like one step forward two steps back.

  5. WHOA This is amazing! So hyped for this! After the disappointing UT I'm happy to see that the DBZ games are going back to a fun playstyle.

    Also that coop play looks great!




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