Final Fantasy X HD 80% complete

The game which took Square Enix developers over two years to remaster is almost complete as the Final Fantasy X/X-2 hd collection's status is at eighty and sixty five percent respectively as confirmed by Kitase in his recent Gamer interview. This should be good news for everyone waiting on the scheduled anticipated release.

Hopefully one of the reasons why Final Fantasy X-2 is lagging behind it's prequel is solely due to the Square Enix team adding the exclusive 'The Last Mission' which never saw the light of day outside of  the Japan international version, which supposedly takes place after the events of the second game. Unfortunately Kitase's lips were tightly sealed regarding this extra content.


  1. I know it's ungrateful but I hate how the high-res models are still not being used in every scene.

  2. Just so long as it comes out this year.

  3. well the game is almost in the final development stages. I hope we get like an October release

  4. This better be international! Heads will roll!




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