FINAL FANTASY XIV: Why U No Free to Play?

Square Enix's approach to Final Fantasy's XIV greedy pay to play fee is unsatisfactory and the excuses  given are questionable at best. Why? Well for one many successful MMOs are FREE, yes the four letter word which Square refuse to offer.  The problem is you've already bought the game so having to pay a monthly fee is really stretching it.

Second of all let's not forget this was the same game released in 2011 that flopped on release so why is it still pay to play? That's a question that many fans will probably have in their heads for the foreseeable future.

If Final Fantasy XIV went free to play it would reap the benefits. Everyone would get to play, resulting in more players flocking, and a bigger community, something that every MMO needs to flourish. Adding a monthly subscription charge to a title which originally bombed is outright greedy and risky business.

In Square Enix's defend, yes there's nothing wrong with going P2P considering WOW's practices but yet unlike the WOW franchise their venture into mmo waters isn't as ingrained and alienating fans with a monthly subscription fee isn't the way forward. Hopefully Final Fantasy XIV goes F2P in the future before it loses it's luster.
"I may be a fan of Final Fantasy but I am no fan of monthly subscriptions.
Will definitely get it if it ever goes F2P."


  1. EternalMournin16/06/2013, 20:29

    I don't see myself buying this cause of the pay monthly

  2. Neverseenthatb416/06/2013, 20:32

    It will never go F2P , most likely Pay to win like DC universe

  3. TheChococat216/06/2013, 20:34

    I want to play it, but I won't because of the inevitable monthly fee.

  4. Since it's not F2P, no. If it was, I'd consider it.




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