Greatness Awaits? PS4's New Nutty Commercial

Putting the play back into Playstation, Sony has never been one to stick with the norm and they'll certainly have heads turning with this new commercial featuring the charismatic Taylor Handley whose accent sounds similar to that of Leonardo DiCaprio's. Their new playstation 4 teaser definitely redefines and takes the definition of wackiness to a whole another level and quite frankly that's just the way it should be.


  1. Sony, they always manage to make some of the best commercials I've ever seen.
    I just wish they would air them consistently on TV, so everyone can see!

  2. Console War is over, PS4 Victorious somebody call the ambulance for Microsoft and XboxOne, WII U, WII U, WII U WII, U lol

  3. lol. i can't stop laughing. they got everything right tonight.
    they nailed the price. they nailed the games. they nailed the hard drive space. they nailed the online service with plus carrying over. and they nailed microsoft to the wall.
    PS4 raised the bar and set the standard for us gamers first and foremost. tonight was a win for gamers because every competitor from here on out has to get on sony's level.
    this launch couldn't have gone better. i will sleep well tonight.

  4. My fellow Playstation brethren, the hour of victory is upon us. Now is our time to rise. Now is our time to destroy the One.


  6. Holy SHIT !!!
    This ad is fucking amazing !!!




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