inFamous: Second Son PS4 Gameplay

Some more inFamous: Second son Playstation 4 gameplay had exploded on the web as we get to witness more of Delsin Rowe's raw firebender abilities first hand while taking in the rather gloomy industrial scenery, expect a lot of explosions, stray bullets and jumping from the mutated superhero.

The graphics are looking looking gorgeous especially in youtube's crisp 1080p, although at this stage of development most would probably agree that this could easily pass for a current gen title. Taking a closer look at the gameplay, you can see the game allows you to take on the persona of a comic book superhero.

Anyway enough reading, why not have a look at the visuals for yourself and be the judge? Check out Sony's exclusive below.


  1. You wont see much improved on graphics next gen will take the devs a year or two to get to grips with new hardware

  2. i really want this damn game during launch why sony why Sony!!! oh well i guess i dont want them to rush it anyways..

  3. This is why im getting a PS4

  4. Sasukelegend28/06/2013, 18:41

    i dont like the infamous franchise but this gameplay looks soooo awesome......very very nice really i think i buy if second son when i have the ps4 :)

  5. I like this game. Because PS4 is the great invention of Sony. I Love this PlayStation very much..




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