Nintendo's Resistance to Online Multiplayer

After the shocking revelation that Nintendo's multiplayer focused 3D Mario game for the WII U excluded online play, it got people talking and Youtuber Shokio spoke more sense than any other Nintendo fan on the net.

 Youtube Vlogger Shokio speaks the truth in his latest video on Nintendo's backward mentality regarding Online Multiplayer. He breaks down the fundamental reasons why the ever so stubborn Nintendo shouldn't neglect Online focus in their games. Nintendo continually let gamers down by excluding online play from their console systems but somehow still manage to have online capabilities on their handheld division. Hopefully a wake up call for Nintendo drones. Check it out!

"What bothers me is that Nintendo says they listen to their fans, and a lot of the times they do, but they're choosing to ignore us for no apparent reason when it comes to online multiplayer."


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