PS4's Pay to Play Online feels Unjustifiable

With the Playstation scrapping their free to pay online services in favour of a annual subscription fee for future online multiplayer, you probably can't help but feel ripped off considering that the Playstation's previous services were FREE.

Yes this is a smart decision from a business standpoint especially when pinpointing major factors, including the marketing suicide of their competition but for the the average playstation gamer this marks the end to a glorious and favourable era in gaming as we know it.

The mandatory PS Plus service which will be required to pay online on Sony's new console has an upstanding reputation and loads of free awesome titles but to put it short the games you buy will technically be rental purchases, meaning if you happen to cancel your subscription the games don't leave with you, meaning you don't officially own anything. And what about the people that don't want the extra freebies, what about the other middle person?

In conclusion Playstation has cleverly taken advantage of the slip ups around them, thanks to their wounded adversary and this is the end result. PS+ may be a bargain bucket but as the old saying goes free is always better, especially in the case of a subscription fee.

"I really detest what Microsoft has done to multiplayer this generation by making this kind of practice/fee acceptable.

So many people are now conditioned by the idea of paying for multiplayer is ok."


  1. Fuck that share button and cloud save shit. I want to play online for free. The option for pluss was great as it was.
    Fuck this gen. I'm out.

  2. Since it is a choice between paying for either Sony or Microsoft for online gaming on a new-gen console, I'd side with Sony for now. Otherwise, stick with the current gen Playstation/WiiU or PC. Simple as that.

  3. Sorry, it's still bullshit. Even worse, I think - and ironically it's everyone's argument FOR it - is that they did it when they knew they could get away with it by completely covering it with GOOD news. Everyone, who just a fucking month ago, was laughing at 360 owners for paying monthly to multiplay, is now suddenly OK with it?

    Share button and sharing features, second screens? Thats why were paying for fucking multiplayer? Don't let them fool you, it's a money grab.

  4. People won't like being forced to use PS+ to play multiplayer until they are a PS+ member, then they will love it.

  5. Not happy about this but with the free stuff they give away with it for the PS3 I think I can learn to like it.




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