RVD's WWE 2K14 Debut?

Since Rob Van Dam's unexpected return to WWE's four square ring last night, fans have been making a ton of noise in hope that 'Mr Monday Night' gets put on the official 2K14 roster in time of the 29th october release date but in all honestly it's most definitely not that simple but the solution? Well's there always the DLC route.

Then again since the wrestler's contract with wrestling company TNA ran out since March, there's always a possibility he'll make the roster in time, that's if of course 2K sports and WWE iron out all the kinks in time. Either way fans have spoken and they want the whole F'N Show!


  1. I could see it happening. I mean he was in the game before. So it seems like he's ;on good terms with WWE. Here's to hoping it'll happen.

  2. i always loved playing as RVD. i also miss playing as kurt angle

  3. Heck yea, I too would love for RVD to be in. We could use some more hardcore in the game, and some more re-animated moves for him would be epic. Plus, I plan to have some extreme bumps and sells between RVD and Dolph Ziggler.

  4. Well I'm hopeful for it at least. I love the Whole F'N Show!




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