Super Mario 3D World won't feature Online multiplayer!

Nintendo have just damaged potential sales for the latest 3D Mario game by confessing in their recent Tech Time interview  that the Nintendo Wii u exclusive will only support local multiplayer. No you never read wrong, Nintendo expect players to find three other couch buddies to enjoy the multiplayer features and to be honest that's a big fat FAIL.

Nintendo continue to take two step backwards in decision making while their competition are miles ahead, how can a four player co-op game not have online multiplayer in this day and age? And how can Nintendo be taken seriously in the video game industry when they can't even adjust to the modern times and deliberately avoid online multiplayer with every first party Mario release?!
Literally there is no excuse to not have such a basic, positive feature in this game other than "We're lazy."
Nintendo are sadly years behind the pack and they only strengthen this stigma with cheap tactics such as these. No matter how Nintendo knights defend their brand and make excuses for lack of options, this is simply unacceptable and a major deal breaker.

 Taking a look back at the recent E3 3D Mario gameplay, who wouldn't expect it to have Online Multiplayer, the game literally screams 'ONLINE' while the wii u has all the features necessary for an enjoyable online experience yet Nintendo exclude it from one of the biggest sale opportunities in recent years. And let's not forget that once you complete the single player mode, the replayability decreases dramatically.

Say what's Nintendo's excuse again?

"We want you to see other people."
No! Enough is enough Nintendo, get it together and give the people what they want! Unfortunately we'll have to move on and accept this was a bad move as usual.


  1. nintendo’s excuse is bullsh*t. adding online multiplayer should be easy, some platformer games have it as an option and it works great and without glitches or slow downs. nintendo thinks like this “we don’t think it’s necessary to add online multiplayer, so everyone must think online multiplayer is unnecessary because we think that way”. nintendo is becoming really annoying with their “we will do whatever we want and the gamers must like it as we serve it”. no modern company would think that adding such an easy option such as online multiplayer is worthless, nintendo is so out of touch with everyone but themselves.

  2. TheDragoon28423/06/2013, 13:17

    Local and online are literally the same.

    I don’t wana play with people i dont know, im not asking for that, but say i wana play with friends around the world, now i can’t?
    Oh well, honestly, if it’s anything like 3D World, i’ll end up finishing it within a week anyway, then the replay value is just gone.

  3. Nintendo will probably never learn…this is just another huge mistake like making a controller without a headset jack. They act retarded or clueless on what’s hip now a days. Why can’t they just put both online and local?…Unbelievable…

  4. There goes the replay value…

  5. What about those of us who don’t have any friends nearby, or have friends that aren’t interested in playing? None of my local mates want to play what they call “kids games”, my mates in America do though, but how exactly am I supposed to play this game with them? All Nintendo had to do was provide both local AND online multi-player. It is that simple. Instead, they insist on treating their fans like children and forcing us to play in the way THEY decide. It is extremely frustrating.

  6. Not buying it anymore. I bet the story is another Mario dream, Nintendo are lazy like that.

  7. There is no reason not to include it. And the pros of including it by far outweigh any cons.

    It gives people options. Not everyone has got gamer friends who will come over and play all the time. A lot of people will be playing this game by themselves. So now they get less enjoyment out of the title.

    Online would even that all out. I would be playing Nintendoland and new super mario bros wiiu way way more if it had online. I can have the most fun with these games, without needing to set up some gathering to do so. Many of us are grown adults, with real shit to do. Dont always have the time to organize some get together for multiplayer play.

  8. This is has always been the problem with Nintendo. They only care about what they think is best and completely ignore industry trends, contemporary gaming, and their fans in general.

    I will not be buying this backwards, outdated and unoriginal piece of rubbish.

  9. Nintendo still thinks we’re in 1985, online multiplayer is what everyone wants, I want it at least. Also a lot of people were disappointed with Super Mario 3D World.

  10. As a fan of Nintendo, I’m tired of hearing them give this same reason as to why they don’t offer online multiplayer on certain games. If he said it was a technical issue that prevented online play, then I’d understand. However, since heat doesn’t seem to be the case, then I think it’s a missed opportunity. In Japan, local multiplayer might be completely satisfactory, but in the West, online is where it’s at. It’s things like this that turns some gamers off. Nintendo, please do a better job in understanding the different gamer markets!

  11. Neverseenthatb423/06/2013, 13:50

    Nintendo, get with the fucking times! you old fashioned pricks. Online is standard for this day and age. And having a mutiplayer focused game without online is ludicrous. Nintendo get your shit together.

  12. BS Nintendo. The only selling point of this **** game is that its multiplayer and yet you cant even deliver on that. Its embarrassing.

  13. its sad that they arent even at the online level of the 360 or the ps3 and its 2013 for godsake. even simple xbox arcade games have online. (streets of rage 2) this aspect should not be ignored over and over again.

  14. this is exactly how I feel, that's why I am not even gonna buy this game. it's 2013 and nintendo has not a put an online game yet which is fucking pathetic

  15. Mario kart 8 has multiplayer and nintendo can do that fine. They even said in an interview that having multiplayer in nintendo games is important because some family and friends live too far away.
    There is no actual or practical excuse that online multiplayer is not in the game, none.




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