The Last of Us Multiplayer trailer and screen shots

The mystery surrounding Naughty Dog's survival horror multiplayer of The Last Of Us is revealed today as new screenshots and a trailer dulges into snippet of the online gameplay. First impressions?

Well from what was revealed, it seems like you can control either your own customized character or a template model. Lots of weapons are at your disposal including flamethrowers and bombs. Pvp and clans seems to be the main feature of the multiplayer mode.

Here's hoping for new human vs Zombie modes and a multiplayer similar to Red Dead Redemption's concept. That's all Sony and Naughty Dog are giving away at the moment but hopefully there should be more news. Check out the screenshots and trailer below. The Last of Us is out June 14th.



  1. Looking good, hopefully the last of multiplayer isn't just tacked on for more sales




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