The Last of Us Multiplayer Customization needs a major upgrade

On June 14th players jumped into what can be said to be one of the best multiplayer experiences in recent years but while the Last Of Us's multiplayer offers a fun and enjoyable experience, one thing is certain and it's that Naughty Dog's avatar customization system is slacking and downright terrible. When you click into customization you'll most probably be disappointed with the lack of actual customization, why?

You can't edit your character's facial features or body.

That's right instead you are given a random character who cannot be edited or modified in any way, which is very disappointing. While this could of been settled with a choice of other template avatars, there's only one avatar available.

You can't choose gender.
Another little problem is there's no possible way to choose a female avatar on the character customization and the only way you can play with a female character is computer generated in online matches.

You can only choose clothes.
Yep you most probably guessed it by now, you can only choose clothes and guess what? You can't edit or modify their colour...

The mode also allows you to choose from some gestures which can be used online to taunt and victory pose in multiplayer gameplay and the other option is an emblem editor. Now in contrast to other Online Multiplayer customization modes this is pretty poor and feels tacked on. Luckily the awesome multiplayer mode makes up for it but that's not the point, Naughty dog need to upgrade the character customization mode A.S.A.P!  




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