Top 5 New WWE 2K14 debuts

As hardcore wrestling fans will know a wrestling's roster can make or break the final product and with WWE 2K14 only four months away, the internet has blown up with a ton of hopeful wish lists. While 2K sports has kept everything under wraps until Summerslam, here's five wrestlers that should be playable.

The Shield

Since their debut in November 2012 the black-clad group have dominated the wwe circuit with their wolf and mob instincts, a miss from this dominant stable on the finalized roster would indeed be a terrible omen.

Big E Langston

Ziggler's heavy has been making a name for himself since his main roster debut back in late 2012. Showing dominance and pure power no one can't deny this muscle head hasn't earned his spot on the roster.


The dancing sensation who's single swept the nation is another desired pick for the roster, no longer will Fandango refuse to fight as he is powerbombed through a table.

Prime Time Players

The Prime Time Players consisting of Titus O'Neil and Darren Young make up for the less than impressive tag division and although turned into jobbers, these two add live life to the current tag team division and would be a welcome addition to the game's roster

Curtis Axel

While not a major pick, the third generation superstar should make the roster due to his recent actions involving the coo and part time wrestler Triple H.


  1. I'm just hoping The Shield will be in with their entrance and theme song.

  2. Since Bray Wyatt hasn't even debuted yet, I seriously doubt he'll be in it.

  3. imjustahuman21/06/2013, 16:10

    Fandango had hype vignettes airing for months, as did Sin Cara who made his televised debut the night after Wrestlemania (yet appeared on disk for WWE '12).
    Fandango had the vignettes, had his televised debut sooner, and he's a friggin' ballroom dancer, they have no choice but to put him in!

  4. Wyatt Family aren't going to make it. Axel will be in as DLC. The only jobbers that will be in the game are 3MB, Tons of Funk, PTP, Epico and Primo

  5. I have a feeling that the Shield will break up right after the game comes out. Then they'll go back to their individual attires and we'll be left with three outdated models of them lol.




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