WWE 2k14 Official Debut Trailer!

Finally the new 2K14 trailer has debuted on youtube and it's about damn time too. The anticipated wwe game has seen little no news since the trade between former Thq and 2k games but luckily before the game loses any more steam, 2k games have launched the debut trailer which probably won't have you have the edge of your seat..

At first the cinematic feature could easily be mistaken for a fan made wwe 13 video if not for the 2K watermark, as all the gameplay footage shown look identical to the last installment. The obvious main event wrestlers show their faces including John Cena, The Rock and Steve Austin just to name a few.

The great late Macho man also seems to be making an appearance in WWE 2k14 as HBK is shown laying the sweet chin music on Randy Savage in the air. Ryback manages to shell shock two jobbers and Ziggler gets an improved finisher.

Other than that the trailer doesn't really show much else but this should hold of the hungry hoard of fans until a month at least. WWE 2k14's release date is set for the 29th october on Playstation and Xbox consoles.


  1. Looks fucking terrible. If you're gonna keep releasing the same game over and over again with different characters, at least make it have graphics that are acceptable by today's standards -.-

  2. is that wwe 13 loool ? 

  3. I'm just getting into WWE so I'll probably buy this unless it's just absolutely terrible. But Christ, it needs better graphics. Ryback looks anorexic.

  4. Was expecting it to look better not iust because 2k are making i but because its now 2013 come the fuck on man

  5. ezekieljaxson25/06/2013, 11:16

    I hope and I mean I HOPE that this isn't the finish product. They need to fix the servers, dramatically update the models, the arenas, the crowds, and other shit. 2K SPORTS GIVE US YOUR BEST !

  6. Looks like WWE13.. same old s*

  7. HelpfulToast25/06/2013, 11:25

    I think why people are so underwhelmed is because so far in this trailer, nothing really has been shown that probably couldn't have been DLC, unlike the trailers for past games. I still have faith in this game though. It's early days yet




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