Activision and New TMNT Skip Playstation and WII U release!?

Activision slap Playstation owners hard in the face with the latest announcement that a new four player co-op Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game in development will not be hitting the Playstation 3 or Vita come release date, as the four player co-op lands on Wii, Xbox and 3DS later this year.

And even Nintendo fans have something to moan about to a lesser extent as the new TMNT won't be getting any WII U support either which shows Activision's lack of faith in the new system. The mystery of why Activision chose to skip Playstation is mind boggling considering the Playstation 3 has picked up the reputation of  'non-shooter' during it's run and honestly do people even play the Wii anymore?

The only reasonable explanation is that Activision is looking to make a quick licenced cash in as Magic Pockets track record speaks for itself considering their previous line up of licensed titles for handheld devices, which is the reason we're getting a wii release over a Playstation and Wii U.

Source: Vg247


  1. Wii and not WiiU, that must be wrong

    1. No PS3 or Vita now that's wrong

  2. that's odd, why are all those consoles getting this game but NOT the Playstation consoles?

  3. No PS3, what the f*ck?

  4. gamefreak440020/07/2013, 16:45

    No PS3 love? Seriously?

    Oh wait, it's published by Activision...

  5. Projectjustice20/07/2013, 16:55

    Dafuq no Sony no thanks!

  6. No PS3 and Wii instead of WiiU?

  7. imjustahuman20/07/2013, 16:56

    No PS3? That's perplexing...

  8. What dumb systems to go to

  9. Magic Pockets is probably a crappy dev team, that's probably why it's not coming even to PS3.

  10. Coming to Wii? Are you kidding me?

  11. the game is fucking coming out for wii the wii is a fine system don't get me wrong but that thing has been in my closet since skyward sword




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