Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate - Cleavage Teaser Trailer

Less talk more action, is exactly what Team Ninja's new Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate trailer brings to the table in their latest attempt to attract fans into purchasing yet another edition in less than a year since it's predecessor.

As expected the extended trailer highlights some some crazy ass combos, a ton of flashy moves and new customizable character costumes for players to show off in. Fans may be a little disappointed with the lack of new content available but new players should be spoilt for choice.

 Further information

Once Tecmo's Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate lands this autumn, you'll not only be able to choose new costumes but also brand new offline game modes including Team Fight Mode, Survival Mode, playback of movies, BGM and a choice of exclusive pre-order bonuses.

Also expect an expanded moveset list and around 1000 fresh character titles through the challenges and missions. New outfits and animations bring a whole other persona to each character including the look of three sexy Pop Idol costume sets from the likes of J-Pop, Schoolgirl and bad girl.

Pre-Ordering your copy of Dead or Alive Ultimate 5 copy at GameStop or Amazon will unlock some exclusive gear for a few female characters. For fans who are still unsure, a demo's also landing.

Source: TeamNinja


  1. I want a next gen DOA!

  2. Snucklesdoodle24/07/2013, 07:39

    Why just why, Ultra street fighters 4 now this,There alot of milking going on -_-

  3. Those preorder bonuses will be DLC a month afterwards, no point aha

  4. More costumes.....
    So excited! (sarcasm)

  5. I just love me some sweet digital ass.

  6. So can we unlock the outfits or do we have to pay for them all. If this was on the ps2 all the content would be on disc.

  7. LK★ ☆THE SHOW OFF★24/07/2013, 08:02

    I swear this game is more about the females than the game itself

    1. Yes but the thing is... it's also a good fighting game.

  8. Omg..... Kokoro......


  9. I haven't played a DoA in years and it seems a lot has changed

    seems its faster now or those VF's characters? I swear that blond guy looks like Bryant. tag teams huh cool and that double izuna drop

  10. imjustahuman24/07/2013, 08:18

    Kokoro cosplaying as Tifa Lockheart




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