Everybody's Golf 6 Verdict: Challenging but fun

Sony's recent localization of the golf series Everybody's Golf 6 also known as Hot Shots: World Invitational in North America recently landed on the PlayStation 3 after much delay and it's definitely no walk in the park.

This golf title may look like a kid's game but on closer inspection the game's difficulty curve challenges you beyond measure and will soon have you picking up for your mistakes, proving that looks can certainly be deceiving. Although simple to pick up, Everybody's golf 6 is hard to master.

That shouldn't stop you from having a blast nonetheless, as the array of cartoony golfers, lust courses and relaxing music should put a smile on your face and ease the tension slightly. In short Everybody's Golf 6 offers you an realistic golf experience in a cutesy style.

Also make sure to check out this courageous Chip in Eagle by the beautiful Golfer Yuna who manages to sink this one in with ease.


  1. Finally a ps3 release only wish it wasnt digital, want a solid copy

  2. So true hot shots is a real challenge, dont be fooled by its baby looks

  3. I keep missing easy shots >.<

  4. I bought this last night and can hardly find any online matches, everyone keeps hanging in the lobbies




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