Lightning can wear Cloud's FFVII costume in Lightning Returns: FFXIII

Look's like Lightning is joining the Shinra military ranks as an exclusive downloadable bonus costume is heading to fans who pre order Lightning Returns: FFXIII. The female soldier will get to dress in Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife's SOLDIER attire and put her hands around his legendary buster sword.

Lightning will also mimic spikey's victory fanfare dance and use some of his signature abilities but some fans may not be happy with the constant milking of Final fantasy vii's franchise and let's be honest this seems like the closest fanatics will ever get to a Final Fantasy VII remake as of now.

"Guess pre-order numbers aren't high enough?"

 The gameplay of Lightning's Dlc costume is looking pretty cool as shown in the footage below, Lightning actually doesn't look so bad in Clou-- Zack Fair's SOLDIER costume. Check it out below.


  1. Why do they feature Lightning as a main character, she is not likable at all, the only good characters in final fantasy xiii are snow and sazh the rest are just trash, however they had caius in final fantasy xiii 2 but now hes dead, but then our last good character was noel but now hes not a main character i swear i hate lightning

  2. My friends and I joke that Lightening = Female Cloud. Well this just hammers the point home now doesn't it?

  3. Sasukelegend03/07/2013, 00:48

    How bout a Final Fantasy VII remake maybe?

  4. Excuse me that's Zack's costume, thank you. Ungrateful people *sniff*. ZACK DIED FOR YOUR SINS, WHY DOES NOBODY CARE?

  5. Some people are be excited about this? I like Final Fantasy 13 and still need to finish it, But I am not impressed at all with Lighting Returns. From what I have seen, you play as one character which is fine. But I personally like to have a list of characters to choose from.




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