NBA 2K14 vs NBA Live 2014

The war is on for NBA console dominance as EA desperately tries to steal back it's crown and fanbase from 2K sports. While the news and gameplay footage has been slow from each company, this hasn't stopped fans from already choosing sides and rooting for their favourite developer while catching feelings on the internet in natural fanboy rage.

E3 Trailers comparison:

NBA 2K14

2k sports stick to realism and actual in game Playstation 4 footage of Lebron James putting work on a realistic but helpless looking Kobe Bryant and celebrating in style.



EA sports NBA Live 14 trailer is more about wowing viewers with pre rendered gci graphics that look impressive although most fans will most probably want to see actual gameplay footage which EA never delivered on.

 Both game covers are looking great but when predicting which one will attract more sales, it should be pretty damn obvious. Nonetheless both NBA superstars are looking legendary in their representations.

 NBA LIVE 14 Cover

NBA 2K14 Cover

The Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star Kyrie Irving poses for the NBA Live 2014 cover with a serious and determined look.


While Miami Heat King James features on the NBA 2K14 cover art with his notable signature chalk dust powder taunt.

From what we've witness thus far, both titles are shaping up nicely  in their respective corners but either way NBA 2K14 is in the lead, taking into considering that NBA Live's absent has been long and in that time 2k sports has grown a loyal fanbase.

Let's not forgot EA sport's reputation for half assed features and poor reputation points in recent years which won't help their cause. Also you have to take into consideration that the NBA 2K series has currently been the only basketball game available until now which is probably one of the reasons it's so highly praised.

It's still a little too early to make comparisons but people are already choosing sides. So which game do you think will reign supreme? And which NBA title will you be getting...

Watch this space for updated news.


  1. Live 14 is going to suck ass!

  2. 2k all the way they've been shittn on live

  3. I will never give EA another chance. They destroyed the NFL 2K series. 2K fan forever because of EA's bull$hit!
    EA probably going to cancel their basketball game again. lmmfao!

  4. overall 2k has better graphics but i'm buying both games cause I feel like if that whole bounce tech thing actually works and you can block dunks and you actually get fouled and there is no leaning layup cheese then i'm all for NBA Live.
    I take gameplay over graphics any day.... besides i've been a fan of NBA Live since like 06 with the one with Dwade on the cover for GameCube I wanna see them do well lol

  5. 2k14 all day I think its going to be way better than live

  6. NBA live was the shit on '06 thats the last one i played lol

  7. I was a nba live fan ntill they stop coming out like for two years ago I'm not going back to EA nba live. I'm stayin a nba 2k fan boy

  8. nba live 14 > 2k 14

  9. The_Redbaron26/07/2013, 00:52

    Why does NBA live even keep tryin!!??

  10. tried playing 2k14 worst basketball game I have ever played cant wait till LIVE 14 comes out

  11. NBA 2k14 is NO DIFFERENT THAN NBA 2k13!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DOES NOBODY SEE THIS?!!?!

  12. I have been a fan of both, but I feel like 2k14 went cheap this year....same old music, same old announcers, and even the picture of Dorris is the same one since like 2k11 or something...come on!!! get a new picture of her atleast!!!! im giving live a chance.




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