Santa Monica doesn't care about Playstation All Stars!

Since SuperBot Entertainment's unfair lay-off from PASBR, the game's support has rapidly decreased. At first Santa Monica and Seth Killian involvement probably looked promising to hopeful fans but as the months roll on,  everyone can see the 'promised' support has become non-existent.

Santa Monica is so deeply in love with it's beloved God of War series that any other game in the fray is neglected and this has sadly become the fate of Playstation All-Stars. Since Isaac and Zeus promotional DLC reveal there hasn't  been any more new characters and no patch updates, nothing...

The thing is people still DO play this game, you can find online matches all the time, yet the only dead thing about this game is the company support which falls solely on the backs of Santa Monica, who quite frankly don't care about  the future of PlayStation All-Stars. Let's be real here, PlayStation All-Stars would've had more luck if it had kept with it's birth parents who actually cared about it's success and of course better marketing.

Santa Monica can still fix this problem and give PlayStation All-Stars the true sending off it deserves by actually making an effort and putting their best foot forward but unfortunately that's highly unlikely, so for now could we have one minute's silence for Superbot Entertainment underrated Playstation All-Star, we know knew thee well.

In truth maybe someone else should handle PASBR affairs, like maybe someone with an harder work ethic like say.. Naughty Dog who managed to handle two highly successful ips at once and were once home to wacky and creative projects such as Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter.


  1. Neverseenthatb415/07/2013, 21:42

    Probably one of my favourite games from last year. Shame it never got the success it deserved

  2. I want new characters, but there's NOTHING. This is worse then when Superbot was handling pasbr, at least we had patches and news.

  3. BoogieKnight15/07/2013, 21:46

    Screw Sony Santa Monica. Until they actually freaking do something they're on my boycott list.

  4. OmegaMetroid15/07/2013, 21:47

    The game, unfortunately, has too many glaring issues to just ignore and Santa Monica hasn't really shown us that they care for this game (aside from empty promises).

  5. That's just it...this game has gotten to the point to where it just isn't fun anymore. The reasons behind the game not being as fun as it used to be could be very easily remedied, but Santa Monica refuses to lift a finger to support this game other than to say "we support this game 100%."

  6. HelpfulToast15/07/2013, 22:01

    At this point, they need to say something else. They haven't really earned any faith from this game's fans.

  7. I really wish Sony did not fire superbot. They were doing an awesome job with the game.

  8. imjustahuman15/07/2013, 22:08

    SSM literally did nothing but kill the game. Superbot was dedicated to this game...

  9. Santa Monica had done absolutely nothing for this game. NOTHING. They never even update us with any new info, just the same old, "We're still committed to All-Stars" crap. They only care about their precious little GoW. Superbot, on the other hand, actually cared about us. Sure, not everything they did was perfect, but hey, at least they tried. *sigh* I miss them so much...

  10. Where does Sony get off just firing them? This is a GOOD GAME to have on your roster!!

    People look at new PS3 games they see the same crap thats been released over and over. Everything is a **bleep** sequel. Nothing is origonal. Then they would see PSASBR and think, "holy crap something different I totally have to try this!"

    This game actually did decent is sales, people just all left after the support was done because the online is so glitchy. Causing Sony to believe that they had wasted their money and time when all they needed to do was give it some more time for more success. I mean, it seems like they were ONLY given a few months of work to patch things up. Which they were well on their way of doing.

    Maybe it really did just cost too much to develop. A sacrifice not worth making, in my opinion. If this game was given a chance to be completed, I believe it would have a constant success. I'm not saying it would even be the top played games, but it wouldn't ever stop selling.

    1. Spot on! Sadly a good chunk of the publishers that allowed them to use their content were only doing so to promote their own games. SSM being the biggest. To them it was just a marketing tool and nothing else.

  11. I miss you Superbot

  12. Allowing Santa Monica to take over All Stars was a TERRIBLE IDEA. To begin with, Santa Monica worked with Titan Studios to create a game called 'Fat Princess' This game was amazing!!! However, Titan Studios let go of Fat Princess and gave it to Santa Monica, to support it with patches and DLC. Santa Monica gave ONE patch and ONE DLC for Fat Princess. SuperBot promised DLC before the game even launched!! Fans want more Characters! and better gameplay. For example, anybody who has played Fat Princess knows the online connection is complete crap, unless you are the host. Now i am not sure if Santa Monica runs the servers for Fat Princess, but if they are, Online experience will become garbage if it is moved to a server such as Fat Princess. I say keep SuperBot and to hell with Santa Monica. From Santa Monica's past, their idea of "support a game with patches and DLC" is about 2 - 3. Please Sony, this is an atrocity on your part.

  13. somuch hope and promise unfulfilled. we could had EVO moments too.




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