Ultimate Warrior ‪debuts as WWE2K14‬ pre-order bonus!

The Legendary Ultimate Warrior makes his return to the virtual four squared ring exclusively to WWE2k14 gamers who pre-order wwe2k14 as confirmed by 2k sports.

OMG! What a shocker! No not really.. Fans could see this coming a mile off with all the obvious hints and while this is good news for hardcore and long time fans of the wwe brand, casual fans will most probably yawn at this announcement at best. WW2 2K14's release date is scheduled for November 1st on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


  1. Hopefully he isnt gassed after his entrance

  2. Awesome I'm gonna pre order a game that will be the same as the last 2 just to get a guy that does nothing but make bitch and complain and " shoot" videos WHATS HAPPEND TO YOU WWE!

  3. So we're getting someone who has fewer moves than john cena

  4. 2k games you guys are asses. how about a roster breakdown of who's in the game. i been knew before you guys that warrior was in the game

  5. Oh yay someone I'm never going to use or need to use!!! Great start guys

  6. No pre-ordering this year. Fine....




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