5 reasons you should Play Tales of Xillia

The thirteenth installment of Namco Bandai's highly appraised Tales series is fastly approaching western RPG fans this August due to it's lack of localization. The PlayStation exclusive which has been out in Japan since September of 2011 looks like every JRPG fan's wet dream and you can hardly blame them.

Still need convincing? Well here's five reasons to be excited for Tales of Xillia even if you're new to the series or genre in general.

1. Interesting characters

Various roleplaying games are known their range of diverse characters and Tales of Xillia is no different as the rpg sees you meeting a variety of standout characters each with their own individual personalities and  stories for you to emerge yourself in. There are six playable characters altogether with the two main protagonists, teenage Jude Mathis colliding paths with the 20 years old gorgeous Milla Maxwell.

2. A Unique Battle System

The real time battle system known as 'Dual-Raid Battle System' will always keep you on your feet and deep in the fray for players who love action. From flashy chained combos to double teaming unfortunate foes, it's all here.

3. Replayability Bonus

Tales of Xillia isn't going to be a quickie, the Namco rpg will have lots for you to do while you wander around the vast world of Xillia including over 102 side quests to boot which involve progressing story events that develop characterization and other minimal tasks.

And that's not all because after your first playthrough, you have a chance to replay the entire game and see different story events exclusive to the character you choose in the beginning.

4. Co-op Multiplayer

 It's a rare and risky procedure when deciding to add multiplayer to a single focused rpg game but somehow Namco Tales Studio has managed this feat, allowing you to couch play with three other friends to help you in battle.

5. Amazing Music

The Japanese composer Motoi Sakurai who's been behind such memorable OSTs such as Tales of graces, Golden sun, Star Ocean till the end of time and Mario Tennis just to name a few, is the man behind Tales of Xillia soundtrack, so expect a quality soundtrack and plenty of eargasms.

The Playstation exclusive Tales of Xillia is out in North America on the 6th of August and Europe players get their copies on the 9th.


  1. I'm not into this series but this one seems really good.

  2. imjustahuman06/08/2013, 01:20

    I look forward to playing this on release day. I've been a fan of the Tales series since I played Tales of Destiny yeaaaaaaaaaaars ag

  3. I just finished Tales of Graces a little while ago and loved it, so I'm excited for this.

  4. EternalMournin06/08/2013, 01:22

    I'm going to be honest; I liked Graces, but compared to the rest of the series, Graces disappointed me. The epilogue arc was probably the best part of the game. I can already tell from the trailers (and the fact it almost got a perfect review score in Japan) that this game will be an excellent Tales game.

  5. It's an RPG. That's a good enough reason for me.

  6. I've heard nothing but praise for the Tales series. I'm giving this one a try... my first Tales game. Looking forward to it.

  7. Already pre-ordered. The changes they made for this games narrative are really interesting, cannot wait to see how it turns out. And Xillia 2 coming out also? More the reason to get into it!

  8. I'm really excited for this Tales game! I've had the limited edition pre-ordered since May. I love what they did with the graphics and character designs in this installment; the models look more as an anime-ish style and it suits them well.

  9. Tales of Xillia has a more mature cast. I thought Tales of Graces f had very mature themes. I mean a lot of mature themes: Friendship, Death, Abandonment, Forgiveness and Insecurity. On another note I am so excited about this game, I got the Collectors Edition, so i can play the game while looking at the art book. LOL!

  10. I haven't played a Tales game since Tales of the Abyss, but I want to check this one out for sure. Not a day one buy or anything, but I'm still going to pick it up I think.




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