The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD coming to Europe October 4th

Nintendo have been making a lot of dumbfounded and backward decisions since the WII U's 2012 debut but their decision to import and enhance Gamecube's cel shaded Wind Waker wasn't one of them.

Little cutie Aryll waves goodbye to her brother
The memorable and now beloved Nintendo GC title will be coming to Europe on October 4th as confirmed today at Nintendo Direct, although an American release date wasn't mentioned. Wind Waker HD was announced at the beginning of this year and will debut with remastered visuals and gamepad functionality.

Tetra's ready, are you?
While a solid game in it's own right, this still probably won't be enough to boost console sales to respectable numbers no matter how gorgeous it looks, because in reality it's still a port. On the other hand Wind Waker HD is looking really colourful and should hold Nintendo fans off till the WII U actually gets some solid games.


  1. Sadly this is the only thing that interests me about wii u. Love the game

  2. It was out on Dolphin years ago

  3. imjustahuman07/08/2013, 19:20

    How about a new Zelda game? Like one I haven't played before, would that be okay Nintendo?....

  4. EternalDecay07/08/2013, 19:21

    It came close, but it still isn't enough to justify the purchase of a Wii u.

  5. I'm glad WW is getting the HD treatment but still won't make me buy a wiiU as I still have my gamecube copy, but it'll look great imo the cel-shading still looks good today still one of my favourite Zelda games

  6. this looks amazing graphically and improves on an already impressive game. Am looking forward to this. At the end of last year nearly dusted off my GC to play it again. But when this was announced I've held off

  7. SonicBoomfhan07/08/2013, 19:26

    I already have this pre-ordered, but I doubt I will get another Wii U game until much later on




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