Toon Link Returns in Upcoming Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS

toon link super smash brothers wii u 3ds

The Wind Waker's fated cel shaded hero returns to the battleground and is confirmed by Nintendo Europe on Twitter to be the next major Super Smash Bros 3DS / WII U contender to enter the ruckus. Equipped with the legendary Master sword and Hylian shield, will this be enough?

toon link kirby pikachu super smash brothers wii u
Link, Kirby and Pikachu in Super Smash Bros
The exposed Toon Link images are looking beyond gorgeous and truly capture the Wind Waker essence with ease, which should give fans a nolgastic and warm fuzzy feeling inside. Also comparing the Brawl and Wii U/ 3DS models show you the vast upscale in graphics as the cel shaded Hylian is amped up in both colour and vibrancy as opposed to the the dark realistic approach in SSBB.

toon link super smash brothers wii u 3ds
While it's a decent reveal, all hopes for the original Young Link from Ocarina of Time is poured down the drain and this undeniably feels like a wasted character slot which could of been filled by a completely fresh face from Nintendo's back catalog..

Super Smash Bros will be available on the WII U and 3DS some point in 2014.




  1. I'm honestly upset. We don't need clone characters, let alone another Link for the third time in a row. Why do so many people love playing as Toon Link in Brawl anyway? He had the EXACT same moveset as regular Link.

  2. He is probably my most used character in Brawl along with zero suit Samus

  3. UnseatingKDawg26/09/2013, 20:38

    Ugh... they said they could only have so many characters... WHY bring this back? He's practically a clone of Link! They could've picked from how many other characters, but NOOOO....
    As you can tell, I won't be using Toon Link.

  4. LeVideoGamer26/09/2013, 20:39

    Lame. Only a certain amount of characters can make it due to 3DS restrictions, yet we've got two versions of Link. What I'd like to know is which characters actually won't return. I'm sure Sakurai said there would be cuts, but with Toon Link returning, I have no clue who will go. Ike? Snake? Lucario? Maybe even R.O.B.?

  5. I would have rather had one good Link than two versions. I get why he's in, but if the roster's going to be smaller as it is...I'd like to see as few clone characters as possible. I really hope Wolf and Pichu don't make it in...

  6. Please let him have a different moveset than Link. Give him use of the Deku Leaf, the Grappling Hook, DON'T LET HIM BE ANOTHER CLONE!

  7. Why do people keep saying Toon Link is a clone of Link if people bothered to actually play as him they might realise that he is lighter and faster but does less damage and is probably the most balanced character in SSBB and I'm happy he is returning as he is my main.

  8. Sigh There goes my hope for no more clones...BRING ON THE LANDMASTERS!
    Don't get me wrong, Toon Link is awesome...just not awesome enough to have me wanting clones over original characters like Ike, who is actually original (but everyone wants to see get cut)

  9. Waste of character slot! What happened to Sakurai saying no clones? what happened to the diversity of the franchises? I would rather have Toon Zelda/Tetra than him! I want Lil Mac, Isaac, Waluigi, Ray, Saki, playable than him! I want Ghirahim than him! Fuck this clone!

    1. R.D. Covenant26/09/2013, 20:56

      Because there will be no changes the the movesets, right? Relax. When the game is getting closer to release and we finally get some more gameplay, and Toon Link and Link still have extremely similar movesets, THEN start to get pissy. We've only seen a few screenshots.

      Plus there are plenty of character slots left. At least 28.

  10. Unemployment Master26/09/2013, 20:55

    Young Link > Toon Link
    Why can't Nintendo release a simple character gameplay video?

  11. Happy to see Toon Link back, still miss Child Link, but i loved Toon link.

  12. popsiclezeratul26/09/2013, 21:17

    I wonder. If we're getting Wind Waker Link, does that also mean we might be getting Tetra? Because that would be nice.

  13. Man, I was convinced that if they were going to cut a character, it would be Toon Link, mostly because he appears as a background character in the Spirit Tracks stage and Sakurai said he wanted fewer clone characters this time. Guess I was wrong.

    Still, to defend myself a bit, I know that when I made that guess, I also admitted that I could still see them including Toon Link because Wind Waker HD is a major Wii U release, so... hooray for hedging bets, I guess?

  14. Instead putting interesting, new characters to the series they choose another Link. Great. What about other series? There is plenty room for throwing anything from Metroid, Mario & Luigi, DK, Golden Sun, Star Fox universes. Even Xenoblade (at least as a successful Nintendo exclusive) deserved a character there.

  15. Neverseenthatb426/09/2013, 21:21

    Do we also get Retro Link, SNES Link, Twilight Link, Wolf Link and Bunny Mask Link? Because that would not surprise me either, the way Smash Brothers is going.

  16. Just shows Nintendo's lack of creativity. Maybe they should add 10 more links and 15 more marios to the game. Throw in 7 different samus' for good measure and viola! Nintendo made a "new" game.

  17. linkdarkside26/09/2013, 21:24

    would have preferred Young Link whit the masks from Majora Mask or even the one from Melee.

  18. bunchanumbers26/09/2013, 21:26

    adult link, child link, toon link. Put Tetra in SSB already!

  19. thats nice, now I hope they put in Isaac from Golden Sun




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