WWE 2K14 Full Roster is slightly disappointing!

After fans were made to wait almost a year for a roster reveal of the next installment to the series, the lack of current day WWE superstars will leave a sour taste in many mouths. The lack of 'current' doesn't make the roster reveal feel any different from previous entries and let's be honest when you purchase a sports games you expect it to have the latest and most up to date roster but that's not entirely the case with WWE's new game.

WWE 2K14 roster
WWE 2K14 Roster
While the Shield's presence are strongly felt, it's beyond silly how wrestlers like heavy BIG E Langston and dancing sensation Fandango didn't receive equal treatment considering they all debuted around the same time. What's even more mind boggling is how wrestlers like Justin Gabriel, Aksana and David Otunga have been given the green light over them. Even Stephanie Mcmahon who hasn't been in the WWE spotlight for more than a couple months makes the cut but current superstars are overshadowed in favour of Legends and outdated choices, wassup with that?!

hbk sweet chin music
HBK giving Ric Flair an explosive sweet chin music
In short WWE 2K14's full roster is looking pretty underwhelming and that's the problem with polluting the roster with Legends every year. While not necessarily a bad thing, fresh blood is always the better choice in regards to building a solid and authentic roster list. Legends should be DLC and current wrestlers like Naomi Knight, Fandango and other current day superstars should be day one by default.

Alicia fox
Alicia Fox nowhere in sight
This is WWE 2K14, it's meant to be the year 2014 which in turn should emulate into current, this is not WWE 2K Legends but after looking at the roster you could've been mistaken. Here's a couple superstars who are missing from the final product and should've made it..

Alicia Fox
Big E Langston
Booker T
Brad Maddox
Bray Wyatt
Brie Bella
Curtis Axel
Jerry Lawler
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso

Nikki Bella
Paul Heyman
Rob Van Dam
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zeb Colter

cm punk wwe 2k14
CM Punk putting his body on the line
Most definitely most of these current superstars will be implemented DLC so get your credit cards ready and prepare to splash out. The problem with this particular milking procedure is it's backwardness, we shouldn't have to pay for current day superstars, if we're paying for anything it should be Legends. Who made the cut? Here's the official WWE 2K14 Roster. WWE 2K14 will be dropping on October 29th in the United States and November 1st in Europe.


  1. No Wyatt family, RVD, Axel, Fandango, Big E, USO's that's bullshit

  2. Where's Naomi, Cameron and TRISH STRATUS?

  3. Buzzard Follower24/09/2013, 14:47

    im disappointed a little no fandango no usos. however it still looks like it will be an awesome game

  4. No bray Wyatt wtf is going on .

  5. collegecombat24/09/2013, 14:49

    No Langston...
    Are you fucking kidding me?

    1. The Double Deuce24/09/2013, 14:50

      He’s been there long enough, seemingly, that he could have made the cut. Maybe he hadn't wrestled enough yet to give him a proper moveset? But he’s been showing off the finisher for a while, even before he was wrestling full time.

  6. THE DOUBLE DEUCE24/09/2013, 14:51

    I know the Total Divas show didn’t get popular until after the roster was finalized, but they were in the game last year. Maybe they didn’t wanna go through the trouble of making em look different from one another after Nicki’s boob job. Curtis Axel – He’s been there for a while now and has been IC champ for months.

  7. RuinedOverOut24/09/2013, 14:52

    The only ones I can't justify holding out are Big E and the Usos. Big E’s been there for well before the usual cutoff.

  8. Justin Gabriel ??? really??
    Why not swipe Gabriel for some credible,like,i don't know aldo F’N montoya!! But seriously i hope 2k keeps the community creations aspect of the game. I rarely use any superstars anymore..nope my days consist of austin aries & el generico vs the dudley boyz at halloween havoc ’98…i love you community creations.

  9. I love how Micheal Cole claimed the ENTIRE roster was on the game...........and then The Uso's are not on WWE.Com's list........

  10. I try to have a lot of leeway with stuff like this, but honestly, my room mate and I are both super disappointed by the roster reveal. Excluding divas, The Shield are literally the only new current roster additions?? I mean WTF? I could excuse The Wyatts and maybe RVD but no Big E. Langston, Fandango, or Curtis Axel (who already had a Michael McGillicutty [sp?] model in '12). Not to mention there were NO extra legends added except Eddie Guerrero?

  11. The real sham just feels like they are holding back a ton of people they'll probably release on DLC just to squeeze an extra 20 bucks out of everyone when they could have easily been in the game.I mean WTF? It's pretty hard to not be disappointed. I just don't understand why they didn't reveal the entire roster back at Summerslam. What an anticlimactic announcement.

  12. So far all they did was take the Attitude guys out and swap them for all the Wrestlemania guys. Other than that nothing. Yes they return late but really how hard is it for them to just take their last years models and put them in the game. I mean from the looks of it they took guys like Hogan and Andre from Legends of Wrestlemania and put those guys in this game.
    Usos-Besides a small attire change and tat adding (which i don't really know how hard it is to fix that but being their models were in last years game can't be too much work) same as Belle being they are in the game Big E and Fandango-All I can say is they have been around long enough to get them in the game. Takes them 100 days to make from what they said last year, well trust me they have had more than 100 days to do it.

  13. This reveal was sooo ass.

  14. argh.....no Big E or Fandango? They did that on purpose. I would love to just get everyone. I hope 2k can make it happen next year.Regal had a couple matches last year. Surprised he's not in.

  15. My gut feeling is that Big E, Fandango, Piper, etc. are unlockables which 2HQ hasn't revealed yet.

    1. Crack'em24/09/2013, 15:15

      You shouldn't have to unlock Big E or Fandango, that's crap.

  16. Grand Master Epsay24/09/2013, 15:14

    A long time ago, when i first heard of the concept of DLC, i was excited for the possibilities. I wish the idea had NEVER been contemplated. Abused beyond repair.

    1. gamefreak440024/09/2013, 15:16

      When Evan Bourne and Ted DiBiase came out I did a f***ing back flip and bought them with a smile on my face!

      Now....DLC is a curse and I really wish the sheep wouldn't bite. If they keep making money by screwing the player....they're gonna keep doing it. I haven't bought DLC in a few years now, but this is now the worst it has ever been. Last year was bad, but this takes the cake.

    2. Couldn't agree more.

      I mean some games have it right like bioshock infinite for example but this bs has been going on for too long.

  17. This is really breaking down to a legends vs new midcarders debate. To me this is a game full of dream matches. Every year, I get upset so & so isn't in. Years later I put the game in and forget who the hell wasn't in and the guys lower on the card who barely made it but have no staying power. I am disappointed that some guys didn't make it or are DLC, but to me this game is full of top guys who I'll use years, and actually have missed. I'm more disappointed about Piper than Fandago cause Fandango might not even be around in a year. I know my argument it's helping those upset about the midcarders, but I'm still satisfied with who is in. I honestly doubt everybody who's talking about not getting the game really isn't getting it over Fandango. They're just looking for something to be upset about. If you were that much on the verge of not getting it. I doubt Fandago's the legit reason. I know there are some younger fans who could give a *Censored* if Hogan is in as well. I have to respect that. I just truly doubt Curtis Axel or Fandago was the tipping point for not getting it.

  18. GRAND MASTER EPSAY24/09/2013, 15:19

    DLC SHOULD BE for adding, over time, as the product evolves so that it stays relevant until the next release. Instead its used to rip off players of the things that should be in the vanilla game. Don't get me wrong, some developers do GREAT THINGS with DLC. Bethesda for instance (in before someone shouts about horse armor).

    It is pathetic, and blatant. At this point the the game is a definite used-only buy for me, and depending on what features are available, maybe not even that.

    1. GAMEFREAK440024/09/2013, 15:23

      Literally is for me though.

      Fandango, Big E, Usos and.......Bellas on principal <_<

      Now I already was kinda thinking about not getting it or getting it on sale, but no way in hell will I be getting it now.

      It shows they don't give a single f*** about the fans. They put in the minimal effort and take people out who were in last year. Usos have been around for 5 years. They were DLC last year. Why in the blue moon would they have to be DLC this year?

      So I really was going to get it before, but I was on the fence. This really was the decisive moment for me.

    2. You are not alone, as soon as I saw no Usos, no Kidd, no Langston, and no Fandango... It was an immediate "nope, not buying" for me.

      I don't care if they are DLC, they should not be DLC...we should not have to pay more for anyone who was on the active roster prior to Wrestlemania. PERIOD!!

  19. Big E and Fandango not making the roster is odd..

  20. Good roster, though missing a few big names on the current roster, but they will probably be DLC. I hope to see some classic Tag teams, maybe the DLCs can actually have a real theme to them!

  21. I was disappointed really I thought there would be more because of the 30 years of wrestlemania, Also it was like it said all of the roster would be announced but not :/

  22. There was no reason to hold off on this roster reveal. So anticlimactic. No Big E. Langston, Usos, Curtis Axel, RVD, Fandango, Wyatt family (that was expected) or any extra Mania legends??? Blah. The Shield are literally the only new male current roster additions.

  23. No Big E? WTF? He's been on the main roster for ages now! surprised no Usos either..

  24. Meh....agreed....anticlimactic is the understatement of the year. way to go, 2K! Blew the whole wad on a mode that will be ran through and completed in hours...trust me, there are dudes that post on here that will no doubt run through all this cheese dick game has to offer on the day of the release. Lookit ALL the surprises you gave the fans!!!!!....since August 18...you've done nothing, but spoil every element that the Mania mode has to offer and THEN basically give us the EXACT current roster as last year...except for The Shield and O'Neal. What a buncha bullshit!

  25. Would have for sure been ok with a few of the legends missing to get a few more current guys.

  26. Lmfao. I originally wasn't going to buy this game, and now I have no reason to even consider it in the future. WWE'13.5 w/ The Shield should be the name of the game.

  27. After The Rain24/09/2013, 21:00

    The current roster is very underwhelming, all I can think of is 2K saying "Hey look over here, we got THE SHIELD!, best roster ever!". After reading some of the comments, I must say I hate the state of gaming these days, people happily willing to dish out more money for guys like Big E. Langston, Fandango & The Usos when they should have been on the roster to begin with is sad. I will make it clear that I will not support this game in any way after it's launch by purchasing DLC (nor will I buy the game anytime soon), but as you buy into it, it only shows the developer how far they can go, and it will get worse, so continue your one sided loyalty to something that doesn't care about you.

  28. LK★ ☆THE SHOW OFF★24/09/2013, 21:02

    I was really hoping for Fandango, Big E, and Brad Maddox... I was hoping somehow we'd get RVD. But meh. I guess that's that.

  29. StraightEdge Crusader24/09/2013, 21:05

    Very disappointed, especially after all the buildup, rumours and crowd t-shirts. No Big E, Fandango, Piper, Usos, Bellas, and especially no Bruno Sammartino. But personally the legends roster is great for me and it's got a fair number of current superstars. And I by the game every year so no reason why this year will be any different

  30. If the missing guys are all in the DLC, they could have avoided some of the negativity by announcing at least the first DLC pack. I really hope I don't have to wait until January to get a proper roster.

  31. Neverseenthatb424/09/2013, 21:07

    No idea why The Funkadactyls aren't in when TOF are

  32. Great. My Universe mode is now without a Divas Champion and without Tag-team champions...

  33. Definitely feels like WWE 13 (Plus the shield!). Hopefully DLC will make things better, but still, kind of bad we have to pay extra for a better roster!

  34. LazarusBlack24/09/2013, 21:12

    I'm pretty disappointed about no Big E. The others aren't that big of a deal to me, but damn it, I wanted Big E! I was also kind of excited about the rumour that Bo Dallas and Brad Maddox were in (for use in NXT), but that was a stretch anyway. I do think that overall the roster is quite underwhelming.

  35. Inclusion of Aksana really shows the lack of depth in divas division..


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  37. I'm pissed off about roddy giant sycho sid gonzalez mr t and mr wonderful not in the game . Honestly I couldn't care less about the new pg superstars.


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