GTA V Online Beach Bum Pack DLC

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Life's a beach with Rockstar's latest DLC for GTA V Online, the Beach Bum Pack. Released last week of November, the free DLC features two new weapons, the broken bottle, SNS pistol and four brand new vehicles for you to spin around in.

The pack also includes new multiplayer jobs and additional beach oriented customization options. While not the greatest DLC treat in recent history, it still has it's perks and should just be the remedy for whining and grumpy fans who are already bored with the current affairs. Check out the Beach Bum Pack DLC in more depth with this latest video.

 Also check out a list of the 30 available jobs  on offer.


  1. yay i can wear beach clothes while i do nothing in an empty world

  2. Oooooooooooohhhhhhh, broken bottle. Sounds like fun...

  3. I was really hoping for new missions. :/

  4. Lord_Turdsley29/11/2013, 03:07

    They should have added beach-front property with a dock to store boats, seems like a no brainier to me.

  5. IGutlessIWonder29/11/2013, 03:08

    I still don't understand why they refer to LTS and TDM as "jobs." Just call them what they are, why try to confuse people that you actually added something you already have 50+ variations of? There aren't any new actual missions/jobs referred too in the description.

    I know, small gripe, but when I was playing GTAO I really could care less for LTS and TDM and loved doing the missions.

  6. How on earth are people bitching about free dlc?

  7. Is this game worth it? Is it really really really good? Does it feel different than the previous games?

  8. fortunesold0629/11/2013, 03:10

    Sad. Of all the free crap, I only like the bottle

  9. new "actual missions"....

  10. SkyLightLegacy29/11/2013, 03:12

    As much as I hate to admit it this content isn’t enough for me to get back
    into GTA Online for more hours of gameplay. Free content or not there is
    still such a thing as bad or insufficient content and it feels like they
    could’ve added so much more here, but were too lazy to do so. I mean
    really, another pistol that’s not that distinguishable from the rest? They
    really need to release those heist missions ASAP because it seems that’s
    what everyone is asking for.

  11. Zachary Morrison29/11/2013, 03:13

    Pretty upset about this new update, I mean there is a ton of people out
    there that just glitch and hack for their money, ever seen a level 100
    driving a buggati, I mean come on, really R* This was a lame “Update” more
    of a “Downdate” is you would ask me…

  12. Ray J Montoya29/11/2013, 03:14

    I don’t care much for a beach bum pack, I’d rather have like a cop pack or
    military pack not beach bum… But hey it’s free so watever 

  13. anyone else get pissed off that these NPCs get taken down so easily?…i
    mean in GTA 4 they would atleast limp away, here 1 or 2 shot to the FOOT
    and they’re dead. 

  14. jakeenburney29/11/2013, 03:17

    LOL A broken bottle? LOL I actually went too their twitter to tell them they should add heavy pistols(DE’s or magnums) too the foray or at least add new attachments.

  15. Broken bottle and a crummy pistol…. Yeah…thanks rockstar… :/

  16. I actually got excited for a few days thinking that there would be more missions from Lester or Martin but it’s looks like there’s only more activities, that sucks…




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