Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate - Lisa Casual Costume

dead or alive 5 lisa

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate went casual as each fighter showed of their individuality and fashion sense in stylish new threads. The Casual Collection vol2. DLC pack included casual themes for each character but one girl who's costume stuck out amongst the competition was none other than Lisa Hamilton.

In the DLC Lisa rocks a pink frilly dress which is bound to turn a few heads as the diva flaunts her pixelated assets. Whilst an underrated DOA girl by many fans, there's no denying she's one of the more hotter and  stylish girls in the gaming franchise.

The American beauty easily defies her status quo by appearance alone in the busty pink dress and white heels. Lisa sure knows how to steal the spotlight when given the opportunity  — and she certainly isn't shy with putting her cleavage on full display. Lisa's Casual costume can be purchased on the PSN and Xbox Live store individually for $1.99


  1. BEST COSTUME SO FAR IN THIS SET! If you're a Lisa player or just a fan, this is a MUST BUY.

  2. Lisa's is absolutely stunning. I'll certainly pick up Lisa's. I wish I was better with Lisa in DOA5 though. I feel like I play her like anyone else does yet my Lisa is usually pretty ineffective.

  3. Me, being a little interested in fashion, or at least wanting to look good, I have to say that the only two I could ever see someone wearing in real life is Lisa and Kasumi's outfits. Kasumi has that whole trendy kind of juxtaposition of tough and feminine going on, and Lisa's outfit (from what I can see) has that cut-out look that is really "in" so-to-speak. I mean, that could be a tie, but it still looks good. Another thing, I don't understand why Ayane and Hitomi have Steampunk outfits in a "casual" pack. Momiji's outfit is just awful, and Pai's is almost there, but that granny shirt kind of ruins it.

  4. Nice, I just bought the entire casual collection. This is even better than the last one. :D All the girls look so cute in their casual outfits.

  5. Already loving Lisa's new outfit!!




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