Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Retrospective Trailer

Final Fantasy XIII and it's sequel XIII-2 wasn't the most straightforward Square Enix games in recent days. And with Lightning Returns on the horizon, many players may not be up to speed with Cocoon's plight or anything else for that matter.

To build up more hype for Lightning Returns and make the story easier to digest, Square Enix has put together a retrospective trailer of Final Fantasy XII and XIII-2 remodeled with 16 bit sprites and nostalgic sounding chiptune-style music. The eight minute trailer chronicles the events of the first two games with classic Final Fantasy graphics that will have retro fans literally foaming  from the mouth.

This trailer is a pleasant treat which has surprisingly made Lightning and the entire XIII saga notably more charming in one take. The Final Fantasy XIII saga will finally reach it's conclusion this February.


  1. princeShroobful29/01/2014, 16:24

    That was insanely cool. Kudos SE. Although, I kinda want a Lightning Returns as a SNES game now more than I want the actual Lightning Returns..

  2. Wow, I love this video! I just beat Final Fantasy XIII, and its so fun to look back it right away, but in this 16-bit style. The 16 bit soundtrack here is also perfect.

  3. I would totally buy an eshop/digital game like this of Final Fantasy XIII.

  4. SkyLightLegacy29/01/2014, 16:38

    That was literally an improvement on Final fantasy XIII and XIII-2 in every single way. Big kudos. This is a remake I'd pay for, Square.

  5. I wish Sony would release a game like this on PSN and Vita...

  6. Welp, that right there is the best thing to come out of the FF13 saga. Actually makes far more sense watching the story unfold that way than it does while playing the games. (Well, the first one, FF13-2 was perfectly followable.) Why don't they do a new game in this style? Surely people would love it? They're wiling to fund the sprite-work for this, why not a mini-rpg in this style as a downloadable game.

  7. It looks like they put more effort into this than the VI iOS port. I'd play a version of XIII like this.




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