Top 10 Forgotten Super Mario Characters

forgotten super mario characters

We all know and love the classic Mario characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi but sometimes you've got to wonder, whatever happened to guys like Koopa the quick, Captain Syrup or various human athletes? Oh and why haven't we played a good Mario Golf game in a while?

Be it bad luck, critical failure or over saturation in the character vault, there's been many times where a potentially charismatic Mario character has vanished into thin air, never to be seen or heard from again. Here's ten 10 Forgotten Super Mario Characters you don't see enough of. These chosen few weren't given enough opportunity to hang with the more popular Mario cast. Will they ever return? Hopefully sooner than later. That is if their developers can manage to get their act together...


  1. SkyLightLegacy23/01/2014, 16:37

    Everything from Super Mario Land, most everyone from SMRPG, Wart... The list goes on and on as the series dropped many characters along the way.

  2. Bowyer, Axem Rangers, a lot of the Super Mario RPG characters in general. Also, don't forget Twink, he's a badass.

  3. Prince Peasley, General Guy, Chef Torte and his Apprentice, the Three Musty Fears, and Captain Syrup spring to mind. I'd love to see any of them in more games.

  4. PrivatePilot23/01/2014, 17:12

    I would appreciate Boshi too. Provides a good contrast to the Yoshis, really.

  5. Donkey Kong Jr

  6. I never thought that someone would use my old drawing of Tatanga on this title card...

    I would've liked it if you could've atleast have asked of my permission..




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