GTA Online - High Life Update is here

Rockstar games have released another patch, The high Life update for Grand Theft Auto finally arrived this week and featured brand new apartments, cars and a rifle to arm yourself with, but unfortunately this latest update didn't exactly bring anything else to the table compared to previous DLC.

There's no new hairstyles, tattoos, masks or much love for female characters this time round as only male characters were given new suits, which is a bummer but on the bright side players finally have the option to own two apartments and garages.

Double apartments
You can now own two apartments at one time, which for now simply means more space to store cars.

New properties have been added at Eclipse Towers in Vinewood, Richards Majestic in Rockford Hills, Tinsel Towers in Little Seoul, 4 Integrity Way in Downtown, and Del Perro Heights on the beach.

Non-contact races
Following the addition of non-slip stream races, there is now the option to stop any contact with other racers. You'll still collide with other traffic and scenery but won't get pit manoeuvred by others, which should make races fairer.

The Enus Huntley S (SUV)
Dewbauchee Massacro (Sports)
Pegassi Zentorno (Super)
Dinka Thrust (Motorcycle)

Bullpup Rifle

New jobs
Contact: GTA Today, Artificial Scarcity, Crime Scenester, Hit ‘Em Up, Master Data, Handle with Care, On the List, Denial of Service
Land races: Stock Market Crash, Loss Leader, Home In The Hills, Thrusting Motion

New toasts and celebrations (jazz hands, slow clap, face palm and more), Friend spectate mode, new smart clothes, tweaked bike physics.

This update is available for PS3 and Xbox but take a closer in depth look at at some of the new stuff below.


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