Tiny Kong's Redesign

Tiny as her name belies is a tall ape from the Donkey Kong series, who was drastically redesigned when Rare was bought by Microsoft back in 2001. When DK64 was first released, Tiny was shown  little love and many fans complained that she was simply a poor man's Dixie Kong. So as such it seemed fitting for Nintendo to throw Tiny at the video game development company Paon for them to give her a brand new makeover.

The redesign of Tiny Kong sent outrage through the Nintendo fandom, blind rage distorted many fans perceptions of a spunky new character design that was unfairly judged since it's creation. The keyword in Tiny's defense was "nitpick."

Some people even ranted about "Tiny's enlarged breasts" despite her not having any. And although Tiny's top, golden hoop earrings and loose fitting pants did make it easier for her to be compared with DK's main squeeze Candy, in reality she acted as the middle ground between Dixie and Candy Kong.

Tiny Kong's grow spurt and redesign is further explained in the video below. From her debut in Donkey Kong 64 up until her final appearance in Mario Super Sluggers (2008)


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