Metal Gear Solid's Most Perverted Moments

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The Metal Gear Solid series has been host to some of the most perverted yet unforgettable moments in gaming's history and Hideo Kojima's iconic series has possibly inspired other video game developers. From Asian pin up posters to naughty playboy magazines and over sexualised female assassins, it's all here.

Catching Meryl in her Underwear

Metal Gear Solid

In the beginning of the game, Snake must venture through a series of ventilation shafts to track down the DARPA chief's prison room. In this instance, Snake spots a woman in another cell, This woman is Meryl Silverburgh, who plays a huge part in the story later. Snake has the option to spy on Meryl doing sit ups in the cell next door. If you exit and re-enter the vent shaft four times, you'll find Meryl doing sit ups in her undies.

Kissing Posters
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

 On it's own accord, that pin-up isn't anything special. A female poster in a locker room isn't actually noteworthy, and it's the sort of thing you might expect in the settlement of an all-male army base. We'll admit, the first time we encountered this Easter egg it was weird but at this point we soon realised that the MGS series was in a league of it's own.

"If you gaze at the poster for too long and you'll receive a phone call from Otacon"

If you gaze at the poster for too long and you'll receive a phone call from Otacon. In the HD port you'll also earn an achievement called  "Snake Beater" by mooching these pin-up inside of lockers. Little Easter eggs like this is the reason why games like Metal Gear Solid are unforgettable.

Eva's Medical records
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 

While following Eva to the WIG aircraft, if you examine her body closely you'll be able to see Eva's skeleton. You can also see what meals she's eaten recently and her medical records, which include a recorded entry  for 'breast enhancement''. Well then.

Using Adult Magazines To Distract Guards
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

In Metal Gear Solid 2, Raiden can toss a porno magazine on the ground that will distract the attention of any passing guards, leaving them open to attacks, tranquiliers or a choke hold. Snake is also able to distract guards with dirty magazines in Metal Gear Solid 4.


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