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sazh katzroy

The Final Fantasy series has had it's fair share of interesting characters over the years but none come close to the charismatic and underrated character that is Sazh Katzroy who first made his playable appearance in Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII back in 2009. Since then he has also made minor appearances in various FF related media.

Sazh is a kindhearted man whose relation with his child, Dajh, serves as his motivation, and his benevolence is seen when he considers taking his own life to prevent his son from turning into a Cie'th. He is playful at times, mostly when faced with life and death situations, but old man Sazh is all about fair play and is always willing to assist his party members.

As let out the bag in the special Ultimania guide, released amid the 25th anniversary celebrations for the franchise, Sazh's early concept art was the total opposite of what we got in the final build. The original concept portrayed him as a white-skinned man with  long straight hair and a warlike attire, he was originally going to be called "Baz."

Yoshinori Kitase stated in the May 2009 edition of OMP UK that Sazh's character was meant be both a sympathizing character and a piece of humour in the storyline, much relating to Eddie Murphy's style of comic relief. Toriyama was originally concerned about Sazh's Unique afro. Considering that the character had the most amount of script in the game, a well-versed voice actor was chosen for him. He was voiced by Reno Wilson in English and by Masashi Ebara in Japanese.

In an interview Tetsuya Nomura claimed he would have chosen Sazh over Lightning to appear in a sequel to the PSP game Dissidia Final Fantasy to rep Final Fantasy XIII. Nonetheless, Lightning was chosen as Final Fantasy XIII's ambassador for it's prequel, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Take a closer look at Sazh in all his glory, from his humble beginnings in Final Fantasy XIII all the way to his epilogue, here's everything you need to know about old man Katzroy.


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