Tekken Character Inspirations and Lookalikes

tekken character inspirations

You can't deny that Tekken's roster features a diverse bunch of seasoned martial arts veterans from around the world with their own unique style and looks but taking a closer look at a few of Tekken's contenders may have caught your attention even more due to their resemblance to many real life, anime and martial artists characters.

Needless to say, any type of character in any type of medium ganders a source of inspiration and/or outside influence from the real world and fighting games characters are no different. In Tekken, a majority of the roster are acknowledgment to many recognized martial arts veterans. including miscellaneous characters from assorted media; some of which you should be aware of, and others which may have simply gone over your head.

Namco obviously like to pay their tribute to celebrities in real life and the anime world, such as:


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