10 Final Fantasy Characters we want in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom hearts 3: Final fantasy characters

In 2002, the debut of the original Kingdom Hearts lured in many gamers with it's enticing possibility to see fabled Disney characters in the same game as characters from the Final Fantasy series.

Although that initial Final Fantasy causal factor has appeared to decline in recent games,
it's difficult not to anticipate that Kingdom hearts III, the big one every fan has been ready and waiting for will debut more than enough new characters from the franchise to mix
things up.

Up to now, the Final Fantasy series that have been depicted the most in the universe of Kingdom Hearts have been FFVII and FFX. Although players have brushed heads with
a fistful of characters from FFVI, FFVIII and FFIX.

Nevertheless, with so many other mainline titles, sequels, prequels and spin-offs from
the franchise's past, countless others have yet to step up. 
With that all said and done
let's take a look at 10 Final Fantasy characters who should join the adventure of
Kingdom Hearts III.

1. Chocobos

Similar to Moogles, Chocobos are one of the franchise's most recognizable feathery creatures. Usually Players are given the chance to raise them, enter them in racing tournaments, summon them in battle, fight them and more across the franchise,

Their position as a universal symbolic representation for the FF series makes it all the more startling that they haven't appeared in Kingdom Hearts as of yet. After such a long period, it's time they or even just Bartz's Chocobo Boko, for example makes a grand entrance.

2. Cecil Harvey

The Kingdom Hearts series has always clutched onto the idea of light versus darkness
and Cecil Harvey's story throughout Final Fantasy IV perfectly embodies that endeavour

Being apart of the battle set to go down against Xehanort would be a nice way to acknowledge Cecil's past and present him to the numerous of players who probably
have never gotten the chance to play Final Fantasy IV.

3. Sazh Katzroy

 kingdom hearts 3 sazh

Let's face it, utterly no one is going to be dumbfounded if Lightning appears in Kingdom Hearts III. As such, let's take the obvious selection off the table and turn the limelight on Sazh, whose personality and devotedness to his son Dajh helped turn him into one of
 Final Fantasy XIII most relatable and greatest characters.

In a story involving Gods and goddesses, time travel and contradiction, Sazh's adventure kept the human element in check and his optimistic, unselfish nature would be right at home in the universe of Kingdom Hearts.

4. Balthier

Balthier's role as a endearing rogue sky pirate made him, at heart, the Han Solo of Final Fantasy XII and he's easily one of the most unforgettable characters from the 2006 title.

With Fran at his side, allowing players the opportunity to meet the duo again as they
utilize their own Gummi airship to travel worlds in search of treasure would be a cool
way to correspond with the pair's core trope.

5. Rinoa

Up until now, the only Final Fantasy VIII characters to be featured in Kingdom Hearts have been Squall ("Leon") and adolescent versions of Selphie, Seifer and his posse, Raijin and Fujin.

With the Final Fantasy gang of Radiant Garden mostly made up of characters from VII thus far, fleshing it out a bit and having Squall reunite with his amour Rinoa would be most welcomed.

6. Zidane

Apart from Vivi, Final Fantasy IX has been awfully under-represented in the Kingdom Hearts series. Who better to represent FFIX in the next KH than the warm, avid bandit and main protagonist Zidane Tribal?

As a main Final Fantasy character, he's in stark contrast to some of the series' most identifiable moody heroes like Squall, Cloud and Lightning. His persona would offer
a world of possibility when it comes to his interactions with Sora.

7. Jecht

kingdom hearts 3 final fantasy characters

Kingdom Hearts has already featured a ton of characters from Final Fantasy X: young
Tidus and Wakka, fairy versions of Yuna, Rikku, Paine and of course Auron.

Adding Jecht to that lineup, possibly trapped by Hades or as a boss battle in the Coliseum/Underdrome in his Final Aeon form, would be a nice way to bring in one of
FFX's most unforgettable villains, particularly if his personality is given a opportunity
to clash with Sora'

8. Barrett Wallace 

Out of all the Final Fantasy games, there's been no characters as big as a part of Kingdom Hearts universe such as the ever-popular FFVII cast. Cloud, Aerith, Yuffie, Cid, Zack and Sephiroth have all shown up, though there are still a few leftovers who could join the fray.

The leader of Avalanche, offers up a different type of Final Fantasy character for sora to interact with, and watching or fighting alongside him taking down Heartless as he calls Sora "spiky" would be an undeniable throwback.

9. Final Fantasy Summons

continual series summons like Ifrit, Shiva or Bahmut, either as summons for Sora, secret boss battles or simply opponents in the coliseum would be great. Summons have been a conventional part of the Final Fantasy series for a long time and it would be great to see them in KH3.

10. Kefka

Many Final Fantasy heroes from over the years has appeared in Kingdom Hearts,
but there's been only one villain: Sephiroth. We think it's time for one of the series'
other notorious villain to rise. As one of the most craziest foes of them all, Kefka
could be included in the main story or as a Sephiroth-esque side story/secret boss.

Whatever the case, Kingdom Hears is long overdue for some new Final Fantasy
villains large or little and there's none more fitting than Kefka, who could at least
make an appearance.

The series has already included Final Fantasy VI's Setzer, but could easily find ways to include characters like Terra, Locke, Edgar and Celees, particularly if Kefka appears as
a subplot similar to the Cloud/Sephiroth plot line.


From the main games to spin-offs, the Final Fantasy series has given us a number of characters over the years that this article could only scratch the surface of, so feel free
to tell us who you'd like to see show up in Kingdom HEARS III below!


  1. I guess I'll go for the obvious first, if FFXV is out, Noctis has to be introduced in some manner.

  2. Lightning and Sazh

  3. ZIDANE. 'Nuff said.

  4. Kain or Cecil. Someone from before VII. Maybe Kefka or Locke Cole?

  5. In need of another warrior to defeat Hercules, Hades finally decides to stop this kidding around and bring in the really big guns. Forget Cerberus, Auron, and that Sephiroth chump: He brings in the most horrifying and powerful figure that the universe has ever known... Quina.

  6. Balthier and Fran. They are Gummi Ship Pirates. Sora runs into them in a couple worlds. Maybe a mini-boss. and screw the rules, they are basically one entity, hahaha!

  7. I'm totally for Zidane! More Characters from older FFs were nice, too!

  8. You can bet that Lightning will be in there. I quite liked Sazh and Kefka. However ... ZIDANE SHOULD'VE BEEN IN THERE AGES AGO! What the hell are you playing at Square Enix?

  9. This is pretty exciting. I'm glad Square Enix didn't feel the need to add "only the main characters" of FF games.. I know FF6 doesn't have a main character, but Terra would have been called just that.. Yet they put Setzer in KH2 instead, which was awesome. I'm hoping maybe Final Fantasy Tactics makes a cameo.

  10. If Zidane gets a spot hopefully so will Kuja!!

  11. I think that more members of the Final Fantasy IX party should be in Kingdom Hearts games. Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Quina; maybe even Eiko, Garnet, and Amarant. If anything, the design of the IX characters fit more with the design of most Disney worlds.

  12. I agree, Sazh should be in KH3!

  13. Rumors have been saying that Fran and Balthier may well be appearing in KH3, along with Lightning, and some of the FF15 cast.

  14. I cannot agree more with the suggestion to add Zidane, with how serious Cloud and Leon or, it was be nice to see Sora meet with a more light-hearted protagonist.

    Perhaps they could even throw in the Tantalus Theatre Troupe, so you could see Zidane and his sky-pirate buddies going from world to world in their own ship.

  15. Kenroy Adams25/06/2015, 04:51

    I also have to agree that anything pre FF7 has been greatly underused, so many interesting characters they could throw in for some fun.

  16. Vaan and Lady Ashe would be perfect i think. I really like Fran too. She is admittedly a very sexy character.

  17. zMaverickHunter25/06/2015, 06:11

    Wanna see all these characters make it into Kingdom hearts 3 but i wouldn't get my hopes up.

  18. I'd rather see Locke cole than Balthier and Zidane tribal but that's a personal preference.

  19. Sazh Katzroy would be really cool to see in Kingdom hearts 3

  20. Maklopdsreturned25/06/2015, 21:37

    Imagine Kefka and Sephiroth clashing in KH3, that would be awesome!

  21. Sazh and Dajh!




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