15 Things We Want in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

After the original Final Fantasy 14 flopped, Square Enix managed to get their act together and thus Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was born anew. Several years on and SE has managed to round up millions of subscribers with an ever growing world of content to sink yourself into.

There's a bundle of things to do in FFXIV: ARR and while Square has managed to create a highly desirable and enjoyable MMORPG experience, we feel there's still features missing that could ultimately make XIV one of the best MMO of this decade. So we've given our thoughts and feedback on what could make the game better or what's missing overall.

Path Companions

Final Fantasy XIV path companions

Path companions were available in the original version of Final Fantasy XIV. Like the chocobo companions we have today, they aided you on your quest in battle. Players were faced with a number of important decisions when selecting the path companion just right for them.

After choosing a class and nickname, players also were given the choice to select their race and gender. You could say these companions are similar to the retainers we have today, only the retainers ain't given the opportunity to travel around Eorzea with us.

We'd like the path companions to make a return alongside our chocobo pals, even if it's for cosmetic purposes. While we do love our chocobos, it would be great to have a hyur companion fighting beside us.

Map Waypoints

Final fantasy xiv waypoints

In Final Fantasy XI you were able to set waypoints on the map, but for some odd reason this feature ceased to return in Final Fantasy XIV. It's left us including many players scratching our heads as to why they wouldn't bring such an important feature back.

An option to set waypoints on the main map to show on the minimap would make venturing around Eorzea more of a ease.

Improved Mounts

FFXIV Mounts

Travelling on mounts is somewhat faster than travelling on foot in FFXIV and once you obtain your own company chocobo mount at level 20, you'll be relieved to know getting to places and avoiding monsters will be a breeze in comparison to temporarily sprinting, but the mounts still are missing a few vital things which would make it complete.

For one we feel the mounts need a sprint mechanic because while our feathery friends and fiends are fast, when running across the map to find a fate or travelling to pick up a quest, we'd like them to pick up even more speed and not arrive to a fate when it's at 90%. Like the chocobo racing mechanic we'd like either like a sprint button or better yet just make them faster.

We would also like the ability to talk to NPCs on our mounts rather than having to dismount every time we converse with someone. It would certainly make the world of difference in our eyes.

Story Catch up Mechanic


A Realm Reborn's plot is huge and will keep you occupied for a very long time. Players who just want to jump straight into the dlc action to try out new job classes and other features will have to have reached level 50 and have completed the main story.

Which got us thinking, wouldn't it be cool if new players had access to a potential catch up mechanic system which would assist them through the story mode fairly quickly so they can get to the Heavensward content at will?

Triple EXP, high level NPC parties and echo buff would be great. Or better yet, allowing players to skip the story and return to it at their leisure would be a much better alternative.

Alt Characters at Max Level

Final fantasy xiv arr alternate character

The game allows you to create several other individual characters which is a neat feature for players who want to start afresh, roleplay or see the main story line plots in the other two cites.

It would be great if you could re-roll a new character with the stats of your main character, so for example once your main character completes the story, your new character could reap the benefits of the first character. Giving them access to the end game content, unlocked locations and inventory as an optional choice.

New Mini-Games

FFXIV chocobo racing

With the inclusion of the Gold Saucer in patch 2.51, we were given the chance to play several mini games including the triple triad card game from Final Fantasy VIII. Now maybe we've being greedy but we simply desire more.

Over the years Final Fantasy has included many memorable and weird mini games for players to dive into and we'd like to see many of return in ARR.

The Favour System

Final fantasy xiv romance

The Favour System was an April Fools' joke from Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV developers. It was a joke news about a dating sim system being introduced to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, posted on their official site of the game on April 1, 2014.

Now we would love this joke become a reality. The one thing that Final Fantasy XIV is severely lacking is romantic elements like the Final Fantasy games of old.

While the system described was obviously a bit over the top, we feel the game really needs to adopt some kind of concept similar to that. This would be a creative way to develop more depth to some of the characters as well as give some interesting dialog changes in the main story line. Besides every game is better with dating sim elements.

New Hairstyles

Final Fantasy xiv dark skin

Aside from race, a variety of hairstyles would be a blessing in disguise for players who want their characters to stand out from the pack. The game does have quite a few decent hairstyles but we'd like the option to have more ethnic hairstyles to choose from, maybe even throw in some classic Final Fantasy haircuts while you're at it SE.

Affordable Housing

Final Fantasy xiv housing

Many will find the pricing of accommodation ridiculous and rightfully so. Personal Housing as it stands costs a lot of money which makes us wonder, how much is a double cheese burger in Eorzea, 10K? Either lowering the cost of housing or implementing a rent system would work like a charm.

Consistent Facial Expressions

Final Fantasy xiv dark skin

While a minor feature, it's quite charming to see your character express themselves through facial emotes, but alas for some reason they are only brief. We're pretty sure it isn't difficult to implement optional persistent facial emotes.

There could even be an option for your character to have "moods." So say if you set your mood to sad your character would frown, do the /disappointed emote, sigh or cry at regular intervals.

Clickable Mini Aetheryte Icon on Map

Final Fantasy XIV

Since you can teleport to a city location by simply clicking on the large Aetheryte crystal on the map, also being able to click the miniature Aetheryte crystals on the map would ease players who wish to go to a particular part of the city rather than being bought to the main Aetheryte.

Races of Ivalice and Gaia

Final Fantasy XIV arr viera race

The world of Ivalice has some interesting races that we think would fit well into the melting pot of Final Fantasy XIV. Vieras, Bangaas and Aegyls from the Final Fantasy XII series are our top picks for the next races we want to see introduced.

Final Fantasy IX is another world which has some rather unique races which we would like to see included like the Burmecian rats and Black Mage dolls.

Better Companion System

Final Fantasy xiv chocobos

The chocobo companion is your best friend in ARR and a major relief in battle but the whole system could be improved upon in many ways. For one we feel that companions should be allowed to follow you into all quests and dungeons, also the chocobo really doesn't have to be on a timer any more.

New Mounts and Minions

Final Fantasy xiv mounts

While improving improving the mechanics of mounts is one thing, we'd also like to see more of a variety in regards to mount and minions designs in the game. Some mounts we would like to see include the Not-so-Jumbo Cactuar, T-Board and Red XIII just to name a few. As for minions? How about a Moomba from Final Fantasy VIII?

New Vanity Gear

Final Fantasy XIV Vanity gear

While the heavy armour, helmets, pointy hats and robes look highly fitting for Eorzea, Glamour gear is a breath of fresh air and looks absolutely stylish on characters, it also give players the option to cosplay as other characters.

It's simple, we want more vanity clothing to wear. The stuff available is a nice but it wouldn't hurt to add more casual clothing.


The game has come a long way since 2013 and it's only getting better with each passing year, but we feel adding these 15 new features will make it even more enjoyable for us and many other players. What do you think and what would you want to see included in the next patch or expansion pack for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?


  1. Amazing list, i would love to see these features appear in FFXIV arr, now as for what else i would want included. . .

    Here's my list

    Grand/free company style castle sieges. Or really pvp with a focus on free companies, like taking over a piece of territory for the week, with rankings, something like WoE from Ragnarok online.

    Housing on floating islands, because who doesn't love the floating rocks we already have in outer la noscea? Plus we need more housing in general!

    More, difficult 24 man raids (I like them...)

    8 man dungeons that aren't raids

  2. We all know that there is going to be an Alexander Normal and Hard Mode, so why can't there be a 24 man Normal and Hard mode too? If they do that I'd be pretty excited.

    But something I'm looking forward too in the Heavensward expansion pack? Airship island NM Hunting. That and hopefully new Extreme Mode Primals Ravana and Bismarck, and hopefully challenging Dungeons that are used to cap currency. Expert roulette should be for expert players.

  3. i'm very excited to see what primals they'll add in the patches. And yeah Alternate characters at max level would be amazing.

  4. Mounts. I'm a mount whore. Nonetheless i agree with everything here and wish they made it into ffxiv.

  5. ServerCollaps09/06/2015, 21:40

    Love these and yeah the housing in final fantasy arr is far too pricey. Also I think a nice toggle would be a Auto-hide chat window.

  6. I want a cross-server friends list that will give me the option to queue up in the Duty Finder with someone from there... or give me the ability to summon/be summoned to another server temporarily to and from people on that friend list.

  7. All of these features need implementing asap, i hope to see them after the heavensward exp

    My top two:

    -A class that isn't a Tank/Healer/DD (e.g., full support)
    -Open-world content that isn't a zerg-fest FATE.

  8. Sprint ability for chocobos while mounted is a must.

  9. Wouldn't it be cool if we could have a account shared retainer?

  10. HatenaReborn09/06/2015, 21:51

    YES! More glamour gear as well being allowed to dye all areas of gear not just primary color.

  11. Unlike FFXIV You could talk to NPC's while mounted in RIFT, which was awesome. I wholly support that idea.

  12. I know this is only a petty suggestion... But I loved the fact you could type /playedtime on FFXI and see how many hours you've played the game, and also the occasional NPC spawn that tells you all your character stats.. Like how many times you've died.. How many mobs you've killed (I know you can see the mob one to a certain extent in achievements.) but that NPC in FFXI was cool

  13. As well as lowering the asking price for houses in ffxiv, I think personal housing should be able to accommodate the "craft from cache" request. I could see houses having "workshops" where you don't get rested bonus and you have access to all your mats, so you can just craft away in peace and quiet.

  14. Whould be nice if some of the FFXI stuff made it to FFXIV.
    - Notorious monsters. Not in the way that the gear is so good that they are camped 24/7, but a nice challenge when you encouter one during leveling, with some exp bonus and a decent reward for your level.
    - Boat rides. Loved them for fishing together with (notorious) monster spawns and pirates.
    - Skill Chains, just to make the fightts more i

  15. SerenitySilvermoon09/06/2015, 22:11

    I always find mini games fun as well. Pet battles from WoW for example. And I think the diplomacy sphere from Vanguard would fit nicely in FFXIV as well.

  16. bigger butts, the ladies have no ass. It would be cool if you could give your character an ass like Body and soul.

    1. I can understand how SE wants to avoid being like some MMO's that have gone overboard with cleavage and generally skimpy female outfits. But the main goal here should be choice. Most other MMO's don't provide church-lady armor. In FFXIV ARR that's pretty much all you get,

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. This is very wishful thinking, but I would really like a real materia system. Make the materia level up. Have some that give skills or modify skills. Like, reduce recast of Sentinal by 10s etc and it can level up. And let there be materia linking like increase bonus value by 20%. So if you have armor with a 2 slots that link and you the reduce recast by 10s on one slot and the increase bonus value by 20% slot, it would reduce it by 2s. Etc

  19. More fishing goodness, and a point to it all.
    A way to control retainers through an app, so that I can do all that auction selling work while at work!

  20. Crafting with materials on your retainer. Or alternately a wardrobe system.

  21. SilentHunter38409/06/2015, 23:57

    I am still surprised that Square Enix didn't even add any of these features to ffxiv since launch.

  22. Open World dungeons. I'd really like that dungeons areas are open, maybe even with notorious monsters inside!

    1. If they do it right, I think this could be a lot of fun, but I can see it turning into a zergfest like hunts.

    2. fun idea - they could even make dungeons where the bosses you get aren't the same each time, but spawn randomly when you enter.

  23. Janine Wallace10/06/2015, 00:06

    Highlander hairstyles.... Oh, and eyebrows. Not those tattoo ones either!

  24. AttackOnGolurk10/06/2015, 00:52

    Not really possible at this point, but altering story flow slightly so all major story cutscenes do not happen IN a dungeon at dungeon start. Everyone's got a right to the story, but making party members wait can drive a wedge into the community.

  25. AdventureBum10/06/2015, 00:57

    Inventory and Armory Chest space expansions. This is needed.

  26. StruckingFuggle10/06/2015, 01:01

    An actual repair all button.
    Being able to craft without pulling mats out of my retainer's inventory.
    Being able to summon my chocobo while queued for a dungeon.
    TP bars being visible in the party window.
    1.0's character animations for cutscenes (pretty much the only really good thing from 1.0)




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